CR delivers diverse range of themed SPIF days in Scotland

Programme objectives

  • Increase performance of a 100 strong internal sales team
  • Encourage a boost in product sales
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Engage with sales staff and incentivise them to hit targets

The solution

For each SPIF day, the client briefed us with the products they would be focussing on to promote. We would then tailor each hype day’s activities and create a theme for the event, which would help the sales team to focus on and remember the specific product.

Each theme would include a logo and strapline for the day, which was then transferred across all of the collateral produced for the blitz day to help drive awareness.

With each new theme, we produced something different each time, whether it be a branded giveaway, branded cupcakes, cookies of chocolate dipped oreos, a food cart on the sales floor and a large variety of games.

superheros at a sales floor dat

What we did

Our team of expert Event Managers were onsite for each SPIF Day to set up the day’s activities and to dress the sales floor with the branded materials. They kicked off the day with a briefing, explaining how the day would work and what opportunities the sales teams had to win some prizes.

They were also on hand to encourage the individuals to participate and engage with the incentive, handing out on the spot prizes throughout the day.

Each sales floor was decorated with differing items for each date using bunting, foil and latex balloons, branded floor tiles and window clings, branded desk giveaways, monitor stickers and hanging foamex shapes, all designed to fit the theme.

The participants would be able to get involved with the games we implemented, once they achieved a certain target or milestone.

We produced a branded leader board for the sales floors for each of the games, so that the team could keep track of their performance. The overall winners of each game would receive a desirable prize for being successful.

The idea was for the sales team to keep achieving their targets, so they had more chances to play on the games and win the overall reward.
Prizes included: experience days, high-street shopping vouchers, restaurant vouchers and cinema tickets.

Examples of the days include:

‘Fin It To Win It’ – Shark Theme

  • Shark throwing game produced using a standard exhibition panel where sea creatures were thrown through different sized holes with differing points values in a set time
  • Branded shark shaped cookies
  • Jelly shark sweets and shark shaped chocolates
  • Shark energy drinks
  • CR Event Manager dressed as a shark

‘The Incredible Sales Smash’ – Hulk Theme

  • Hulk shaped balloons and cardboard cut outs
  • Whack a Frog Game
  • Inflatable Gladiator Duel Game
  • Cans of limeade and Mountain Dew
  • Incredible hulk mugs and t-shirts
  • Marvel candy sticks
  • Incredible hulk costume for client, Thunderbolt Ross costume for CR Event Manager

‘Optimus Prime Your Sales’ – Transformers Theme

  • F1 arcade game
  • Transformers stress balls and keyrings
  • Transformers popping candy
  • CR Event Manager dressed as Optimus Prime

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