Simple, quick to market FMCG campaign for increased customer loyalty

Programme objectives

  • Quick to market campaign, with fast producing results
  • Bring process of rewarding loyalty, online
  • Promote best practice for retail environment
  • Simple initiative to drive and reward customer loyalty
  • Reduce manual tasks for sales representatives
  • Provide real-time reporting

The solution

A fully-branded online platform that matches the iconic Red Bull branding, would enable the Strikers to improve implementation of key objectives, when visiting independent retailers and wholesaler. The previous offline, paper-led progress was very manual and poorly tracked.

By utilising our MyRewards® platform would enable fast implementation of a campaign, that would quickly make a strong impact with Red Bull customers.

By offering points for fulfilling key objectives that could be redeemed against highly desirable rewards positioned in a catalogue within the platform, would provide stronger brand loyalty rather than just providing product stock.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Red Bull / MyRewards implementation

What we did

The Red Bull Rewards programme was designed to take the opportunity to encourage Red Bull customers to create “The Perfect Store.” If the customer could demonstrate to their Striker when they make their visit the three key objectives that comprise of the perfect store, they would be rewarded.

The three key objectives include:

  • Stock the ‘core 4’ best-selling products
  • Follow the merchandising principles to maximise shelf space
  • Include additional display units in prime positions along customer journey

On each visit if all objectives were achieved, the Striker would award the retailer with an Instant Points Voucher (IPV). These are codes loaded with a points value, that the customer can insert into their online programme account and then claim rewards from the catalogue.

The more the retailers complied with the outlined objectives, the more points they had the opportunity of receiving over the year, which would equate to a higher value reward.

Each user has their own account, so can track their achievements and set a goal reward item to aim towards achieving in the catalogue.

To help guide retailers, we created and added to the site a simple 3-step video to explain what they needed to do to achieve their reward, along with other promotional materials and store planogram examples to read through.

The catalogue includes a range of over 5,000 carefully selected products from leading brands and covers key categories such as technology, lifestyle, home and jewellery. In addition, Red Bull branded rewards.

In the reporting section of the programme, Red Bull stakeholders have the opportunity to view in real-time the number of points that have been issued, budgets spent and how many customers are engaged with the selling and promoting of their brand.

The online management tool gives better visibility on participation, ROI and minimises the administration responsibilities as it’s all tracking online.

This innovative programme has shown that by keeping the functionality simple and by rewarding behaviour with highly desirable rewards, can drive better customer relationships and long-term brand loyalty.

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Simple, quick to market FMCG campaign for increased customer loyalty

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