Driving a 270% rise in product sales with enhanced brand awareness

Programme objectives

  • Launch a promotion to independent retailers
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Increase prominence in White Goods department
  • Encourage retailers to focus on promoting key SKUs
  • Boost sales during set period
  • Create better customer loyalty

The solution

Introducing a B2B sales incentive points banking programme, would be a completely new initiative within their marketplace; something no-one else was offering to independent retailers so would instantly stand out. The retailers would be rewarded for their performance and loyalty, by being acknowledged for their efforts by way of desirable prizes and rewards.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Hoover / MyRewards implementation

What we did

We built the platform using the latest technology and ensured the site design was easy to navigate and fully mobile responsive so that it was accessible for both the retailers and the Regional Business Managers on the road; guaranteeing sales claims could be added readily.

To implement a strong brand marketing and sales campaign where the focus could be on promoting Hoover products, a traditionally quieter trading period was selected, whereby independent retailers were motivated to increase Hoover sales. This time wouldn’t conflict with key periods like November’s Black Friday, Christmas and New Year sales when retailers held their own discounting promotions.

102 Hoover SKU’s were eligible, including higher marginal and new products. Using a self-claim form, retailers uploaded proof of the sales made. Hoover stakeholders reviewed the claims and points awarded on approved claims. Points allocated differed by each SKU and were tiered based on the percentage of the wholesale value. The more products the retailers sold, the more points were awarded. Points turned into prizes.

Retailers could redeem points on products in the reward catalogue such as iPads, TV’s, jewellery, vouchers and experiences days. Retailers could spend or save the points, take the reward for themselves or use them as an internal incentive to encourage their employees to generate sales.

Detailed product specs were included on the site, to help improve product knowledge, arming the retailers with the information they needed to push Hoover sales. A ‘refer a business friend’ function enabled retailers to promote the incentive to new businesses. If they were successful in joining the scheme, the retailer would receive bonus points.

To drive engagement and site traffic, we implemented extra tactical promotions like double points, extra points on the sale of a specifc SKU or prizedraws. One example – to bring awareness of the Wine products within the reward catalogue and inspire points redemptions, we ran a prizedraw competition for the chance to win a case of wine.

The programme was supported by email comms throughout, including launch details, user points summaries, monthly newsletters, details of the promotions or key product information.

Hoover’s Regional Business Managers were incentivised to promote and encourage registrations. For each new retailer who joined on their recommendation, they received e-thank you cards loaded with points that they could spend in the rewards catalogue.

The results


270% increase in sales logged YOY


112% increase in ‘refer a business friend’ submissions YOY

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Driving a 270% rise in product sales with enhanced brand awareness

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