Programme objectives

  • Boost existing programme participation
  • Increase number of site visits
  • Improve engagement
  • Enhance product knowledgement
  • Improve number of reward redemptions
  • Boost sales during set period

The solution

NFON provide an independent and reliable solution for advanced cloud business communications and telephone systems.

They were running an existing sales incentive programme which targeted sales teams to focus on increasing the sales of specific SKU’s. Points were allocated for approved logged claims, which could be redeemed for rewards within the programme catalogue.

However, the NFON manual internal processes for sales data uploads and points allocation, provided a time lapse between salespeople achieving points and receiving points, which was proving to reduce overall engagement in the site and redemptions made.

NFON were looking for an innovative solution that could help boost programme participation.

To help encourage engagement with the programme, there needed to be a new reason and point of difference to visit the site. To promote new behaviour from the salespeople and motivate them to submitting sales claims, we recommended to introduce a themed tactical promotion that could be added to their existing sales platform.

NFON The Gifting case study

What we did

In order to encourage the change in behaviour, the best way to do this was through introducing a fun, attention grabbing game. Due to the time of the year, October, our in-house Creative team constructed a Halloween theme design, based on ‘The Shining’ – which we called ‘The Gifting.’

The premise of ‘The Gifting’ was to utilise our e-learning module, available through our MyRewards offering. The module was plugged into their existing sales incentive platform and was promoted to the target audience through new platform artwork and a comprehensive email communications strategy.

‘The Gifting’ was designed to include a bespoke game, animations and artwork that depicted the iconic movie.

To improve product knowledge on the targeted SKU’s that were included in the original sales incentive programme, which in turn would encourage more sales claims to be made, the salespeople were required to take part in a dynamic quiz.

Once five questions were answered correctly regarding NFON products, the participants had the chance to enter the game. On successful completion, they were entered into a prize draw to win Amazon gift vouchers.

Over the two-week targeted campaign period, the salespeople could enter and participate as many times as they wanted, for a chance to win prizes as a reward for performing the desired behaviours required.

With this new lease of life in the programme, the salespeople were more motivated to perform as NFON recorded an increase in sales claims submitted and points rewarded, which in turn saw participants increasing the number of reward redemptions by 55%.

The results


88% increase in web visits during the promotional period


55% active users engaged with the quiz

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