Employee Online Learning

Educate, inspire and develop your people’s skill set to help drive better business performance

CR Worldwide quickly designs, launches and optimises online learning programmes that will help to educate, inspire and develop your people’s skill set to help drive better business performance, including:

  • Creating fully engaged brand ambassadors
  • Highly skilled teams
  • Track success and development
  • Improved employee retention
  • Saving time and money on external trainers
  • Quick to market for product launches
  • Instilling company values
  • Making learning fun through gamification

With staff being your biggest resource and asset, ensuring they’re highly knowledgeable in the product and brand they’re working for is a must if you want the company to succeed. Giving staff the correct tools they need to focus on your product or brand will arm them with the resources and information needed to improve their productivity, increase sales or enhance company knowledge.

All powered by our Easy to Implement, Easy to Use and Easy to Manage MyRewards® technology platform.

Our MyRewards® platform speeds programme results

Our market-leading online learning platform for employees provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees. Our points banking platform is a ‘white label’ system, which means it can be fully customised to your company’s brand identity. Each user has their own secure account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards within the platform.

Why is Online Learning important?

Your staff and channel partners need to fully understand your brand, products and services in order to make the right, credible recommendations to your customers.

Online learning enables your sales teams to access the information they require instantly to help them improve their knowledge and expertise when it comes to talking about your business.

Creating a centralised resource area that is convenient to access and easy to update is perfect for educating staff quickly, for instance prior to a new product launch or change in company policy.

A robust training and learning system can also save you time and money on external trainers. Information is best absorbed and understood when it is presented in an engaging way. Making use of interactive modules and tests can help to make learning more interesting and fun.

e-learning can help your business to develop highly skilled, passionate brand experts, who understand your products and services and are in the best position to provide high quality and informative customer service. Understanding your business means your teams are better positioned to uphold your values as a brand and showcase your businesses expertise, allowing you to better serve and retain your customers.