Sales Floor (SPIF) Days

High energy, high impact sales boosters that position your brand front of mind

CR Worldwide quickly designs, develops and implements sales floor days, to produce results for your business, fast. Our sales floor days can help your business:

  • Increase sales and mindshare
  • Boost engagement with partner sales teams
  • Raise awareness and loyalty for your brand and products
  • Generate a focus on your business, rather than your competitors
  • Improve staff knowledge of your product
  • Create some excitement and buzz across the sales floor
  • Encourage healthy competition between colleagues
  • Reward success and performance

What is a SPIF Day?

A SPIF day is a sales floor event that aims to drive staff results in a fun way. Also known as a sales activation, hype day, blitz or sales floor event, a SPIF day is an engaging sales team incentive event that aims to help maintain momentum for your brand. These events typically see sales staff competing to win prizes by achieving set targets over a full working day. This could be high and fast sales, or a set number of meetings booked to, for example, meet potential clients or make a product sales pitch.

CR Worldwide quickly designs, develops and implements sales floor days, to produce results for your business, fast. Our sales floor days can help your business:

Mr T Look-a-like and sales floor team next to the A-Team van

How we can help organise and implement a SPIF day

In a deeply competitive environment like channel sales, vendors find themselves working hard to be heard and encouraging their partners and sales teams to concentrate their efforts on promoting their product or brand, over a competitor. If vendors want partners and sales teams to spend time on recommending them to the end customer, they need to provide a point of difference and gain the attention of the sales teams. The best way to do this, is on their own sales floor.

Our Events Managers can be on hand to run the day, to drive maximum awareness, impact and hype. Whether it’s a one-off day or a roadshow, in one location or across multiple sales floors nationally, each event can be themed, branded, and tailored to suit your budget.

A typical sales floor day will include branded decorations, games, spot prizes, food and drink, leader boards and a prize giving at the end of the day.

Our role is to help build enthusiasm about your brand and to ensure that your sales teams and partners are engaged, motivated and focused on achieving key targets that will benefit your business.

SPIF Day success stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps brands around the globe implement high-impact events

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30 successful sales floor days drive £millions of pipeline sales

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A-Team themed Focus Days drives increase in Acer product sales

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Why utilise a SPIF day?

SPIF days have multiple different uses, including:

  • Launching a new product or rebrand
  • Providing a boost to sales of an underperforming product
  • Introducing the start of a longer-term incentive programme
  • Driving momentum during an incentive initiative
  • Providing product training to improve the skillset of sales people

Whatever the purpose of the day, having presence on the sales floor will help leave partners feeling extremely motivated and keep generating sales for you, long after the fun has stopped. And by providing a leave-behind like branded merchandise for their desk, you will encourage them to keep thinking of you, not your competitors.