Ski destination inspiration guide 2020-2021

How are you motivating channel and sales this winter?

Driving engagement, keeping your brand front of mind, improving knowledge and reaching and excelling sales targets, are all common challenges within the channel and sales environment.

But, there’s a relatively simple way to combat these pain points.

To motivate your people, provide an initiative that is going to encourage them to drive the desired behaviours you want them to achieve.  What does the initiative look like? From our experience, we know that an online incentive program with an incentive trip as a reward for the top achievers, delivers results. Just this year, we helped an IT client reach a 10% uplift in targeted sales within the set incentive period.

Which location will your incentive trip be this winter? Let us help you decide.

Download our destination guide to discover which location will suit your incentive trip best, based on activities, apres, budget or travel time.