Why team building fails

Posted by Jo Kelly

Putting a successful team together is no easy feat. There are a number of stages to building a team that help to unify team members and build success.

However, some of the problems that arise can be detrimental to a team’s progress and its long-term success.

We outline the main reasons why team building can fall apart.

Poor communication

Communication problems can really hamper a team’s ability to work together. Failure to adequately explain tasks, outline goals, or even acknowledge another team member’s opinion on the right way to do something, can be detrimental

Keeping people from being on the same page and working together can lead to stress and frustration, and make it even more difficult for a team to gel together.

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Poor adaptation

Communication issues can prevent team members from adapting to work well together.

Individual team members will have their own ways of working, and their own processes they believe are the most successful. The best teams succeed because these methods change and adapt to suit the wider team. Compromise is critical to find the most suitable and effective ways of working together.

Processes not working, clashing personalities, and team members rigidly sticking to their methods with no thought for the rest of the group, can cause a lack of cohesion. Couple this with communication issues and a team can rapidly fall apart.

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Poor leadership

Team building can also fail when nobody effectively takes charge. Effective leadership can help alleviate the problems associated with adapting to new working methods and poor communication. An effective leader will mediate when problems arise and facilitate changes to how the team works, which can benefit everybody.

Effective leadership can motivate staff to accomplish their goals, achieve targets and be a true benefit to a business. Failure to do this can alienate team members, affect productivity, and cause useful and valuable members of staff to leave as they don’t feel engaged, challenged, or appreciated.

Motivation can be bolstered further through the use of incentive campaigns and challenges with a reward at the end, such as an incentive travel trip. This gives a team something to focus on and work towards.

Team building thrives when communication is clear, staff adapt to their new way of working, and effective leadership bolsters the team. Without these elements, any team-building your business undertakes will not be as effective as it could be.

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