What makes a good sales team away day?

Posted by Jo Kelly

Business away days can be a great tool to train, motivate and inspire your sales team to sell better for your company.

So what makes a good sales team away day? From destination to activities, theming to hospitality, this blog explains what to consider.

How a good sales team away day can benefit your business

A good sales team away day can benefit your sales team and, in turn, your business. They can improve the quality of your sales people by:

  • Encouraging them to perform better in their sales role
  • Inspiring them to work harder and sell more
  • Improving their key sales skills
  • Highlighting their selling strengths to them and improving their weaknesses
  • Improving how they work with their colleagues
  • Making then feel more equipped to do their job well

With all this in mind, there are different elements that can make your sales team away day a good one.


Having a good destination for your away day can make a difference to how your sales team view and experience it. Knowing that they’re going somewhere appealing or exciting can get them in the right frame of mind beforehand, and help them get the most out of it on the day. It can also feel like a nice treat for them, away from the everyday life of working in an office.

An away day in the Lake District, for instance, might appeal to a corporate sales team who work in a busy city office. Choosing a destination which involves a bit of travelling to get there, like a coach or train journey, can also add to the fun. It can also make the away day feel more like an exciting business trip, rather than a training day, which your staff should appreciate.

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The activities that are provided on the day can be the most important factor that makes an away day a success. These should be activities that help focus on building your staff’s different skills, while creating different experiences that they will learn from and enjoy. They should also be a mix of activities that challenge them in different ways, such as physical, mental, inspiring activities and events.

For example, you could combine fun outdoor pursuit-style activities and assault courses, which focus on team work, with problem-solving games that mentally challenge your staff. You could also include a brain-storming session on particular business topics and end the day with a motivational conference.


When you hold your sales team away day can also help make it a good event. For instance, if you’re planning on holding an away day involving outdoor activities, it will probably be more successful if you hold it in the spring or summer.

It’s also a good idea to time your away day so that it coincides with key points in your business year. For example, holding one before an upcoming busy sales campaign could be effective in getting your team fired up and ready to sell.

Alternatively, an away day held midway through a long sales period could lift the spirits of demotivated staff, help maintain momentum, and get tired staff back on track.

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Theming your company away day can make it more effective by tying it to your business and inspiring your staff. If your company has set up new business values, implemented new branding, or you’ve set up a themed sales incentive programme, your away day could fall in line with these themes.

Business values focussed on building strength and power could work well with an away day filled with physically challenging activities, for example. Or a new company strapline focussed on working together could work well with a team-building away day. If your sales incentive programme is following a film theme, you could even theme your business away day around certain movie heroes to inspire your staff.


This may not seem as important as, say, having an exciting destination and mix of activities. However, making sure your sales people are well fed and looked after on the day can make the difference between providing them with a good away day and a poor experience.

Making sure the event has an organised lunch, and that activities are broken up with coffee breaks, is important for keeping up your staff’s energy levels, so they’re engaged during the day. If it’s a hot day, little things, like making sure your sales team are provided with a bottle of water during outdoor activities, can make all the difference. Having a good host that can lead the day, help keep your staff interested and inspired can also help them get the most out of the experience.

Good hosting and hospitality is just one area CR Worldwide shines when it comes to giving a business a fully effective sales team away day.

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