The benefits of a successful team event

Posted by Jo Kelly

Engaging team events are a great way to bring your staff together and reward them for their hard work, achievements and past successes. But, when done well, a team event can do so much more than this, which can benefit your workforce and, in turn, your business.

Types of team events

There are different types of team events that you can offer your staff, which come in many shapes and sizes – from activities that challenge your team to experiences that excite them. Good examples include: 

  • Team challenges, like an exciting treasure hunt
  • Group sport attendance, like a first-class experience at Ascot
  • Adrenaline-fuelled activity days, such as driving at the Silverstone racing circuit
  • VIP nights out, such as at a top club and casino

While different team events provide different ways to reward your team, they can have similar benefits. To know what to consider when picking one and if it’s right for you and your staff, read our article, How to choose a team event. 

Being rewarded with an exciting activity or day out, can make the members of your team feel important, appreciated and valued. It shows you care about them and their successes, and that you view them as a valuable part of your staff team and business.

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More motivated and loyal

All this can help lead to better team loyalty and productivity when they’re back in the office.      

Completing a difficult challenge or braving an activity, and seeing their colleagues do the same, can also make staff feel good and have confidence in themselves and their team. This can, in turn, make them feel more able to perform well in their job role, help them feel more motivated in the workplace, and motivate them to work harder. This can result in a stronger workforce and a team of more dedicated staff.

Communicate better and bond

Having your team work together or enjoy an event as a group can improve communication and how they work together when back in the office. Challenging team activities can also involve other important elements of team work, such as collaboration, problem solving and leadership. They can also help nurture the strengths of a team and address key weaknesses. Collaborating can also demonstrate an employee’s skills and knowledge to their colleagues, helping to build respect and appreciation between members of staff.

Allowing your employees to share something special together can also help give them great memories of their experiences together. In turn, this can help staff to bond. This can bring down any walls of uncertainty and mistrust, and allow staff to focus on what they have in common rather than what makes them different.

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Creating friendships and having fun

Making friends in the workplace is a key way for staff to work better together, solve everyday issues, and increase productivity. Fun team events can allow employees to socialise with their colleagues, which can build strong friendships outside of work. Attending a sports event or a VIP night out, for instance, can allow employees to get to know each other better on a social level, outside the confines of an office environment. Back in the office, this can help with everything from increasing morale to making staff look forward to coming to work.

Being at a fun event together can also allow your staff to do just that – have fun. And the importance of staff having fun in business is not to be underestimated. Experiencing strong emotions together, like adrenaline, excitement and laughter, can only help strengthen bonds and working relationships, bringing out the best of your team.

Benefiting your staff with engaging team events

From motivating staff to creating friendships and improving office morale, there are many benefits to a good team event. So it’s important to get them right.

At CR Worldwide we can quickly, plan and implement events that do more for you, your partners and your staff. Our events are:

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Engaging – Enhance loyalty and performance, creating an instant emotional bond with your brand, and increasing company awareness.

Easy to manage – Run and hosted by dedicated managers, who provide exciting schedules of activities and experiences, doing the hard work for you.

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