Essential team-building skills for your staff

Posted by Jo Kelly

A team is only successful when the people in it work together. If your team members are all skilled and working towards the same goals, this can work wonders for your business; increasing sales, job satisfaction and productivity.

Your sales team, for instance, can thrive when certain skills link together, making the team all that more effective and valuable to your business.

So what are the essential team-building skills a team should have?


A team succeeds when each person in it knows what everyone is doing, so clear lines of communication are key.

People who communicate effectively keep their team members in the loop. They understand how and when they might need to help and know what progress is being made towards key goals.

Communication helps to keep your team organised and on track and is essential to being successful.

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By definition, a team works together. This is why being able to collaborate is so critically important.

Working together can help with idea generation, planning, execution and meeting tight deadlines, as each person bands together to work towards a goal.

If your team is all well versed in collaboration, and comfortable working as part of a group as well as independently, they can be much more effective.

Problem solving

Business projects, like delivering a new website, creating or building something or even reaching a sales target, can throw up different problems.

Your team should be able to identify an emerging issue and comfortably change its approach to a task in order to solve or prevent it. For example, in a sales environment, if you sell stock in bundles consisting of several items with a discount, if stock runs out on one of the items, it would be good for team members to know what items could be used as a suitable replacement. They could then relay this to the rest of the team.

Team members with keen problem-solving skills can be a tremendous asset. They can help keep projects on track, ensure deadlines are met and goals are reached, simply by being able to adapt to a changing and challenging situation.

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All of the skills we have mentioned are important for a team to have. However, an effective team also requires leadership. Not only from someone who can take charge of a situation, but also listen to the concerns of their team and take their skills into account.

A good leader should accentuate the skills within a team and assign the right tasks to the right people to ensure they are carried out effectively.

Making sure you have people on your team who can lead helps to organise and tie other skills in the group together, making the team work as a cohesive unit.

Improving and rewarding skills

An effective team should know its strengths and weaknesses. You can give teams in your company a helping hand to improve their areas of weakness by offering access to training courses and team-building events.

These are specialist sessions designed to help teams focus and learn new ways to work as a group. The events don’t have to be a stuffy affair; team-building activities can take a number of forms, from adventure holidays to scavenger hunts on a city break.

Rewarding your sales teams for their successes is also a great way to ensure their continuing effectiveness. Trip rewards, such as simple team nights out or a larger trip abroad, can help your top teams to relax and let their hair down, while inspiring other staff to be effective too.

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