Deciding on your business training away day destination

Posted by Jo Kelly

Business training away days can do a lot for your employees, from building skills to team-building to motivating. But when choosing a destination for your staff away day, what should you consider to make sure it’s best for your business?

How an away day destination can benefit your business

So, is the destination for your company away day really that important? Yes. Gone are the days of staff bingo in the office and in-house quizzes. Choosing a good place to hold the day can have a more successful effect on your staff and, in turn, your business. Amongst other things, it can:

  • Engage your staff and motivate them to work harder
  • Make your employees feel appreciated, helping to boost their loyalty towards you
  • Develop your key staff into company ambassadors, as they rave about their away day experiences to family, friends, and potential future employees

To get these kind of results, you should aim to create the best staff away day possible. But, when thinking about the destination, there are many questions you should ask yourself first. This includes:

What’s my budget? Are you restricted to taking your staff somewhere cheap and local, or can you travel the distance and splash out on something special? 

Who is my audience? Are your staff fast-working, confident and active? Or are they creative, or number crunchers, or public facing? 

How many employees am I taking? Is it a small team consisting of people of similar ages, with similar backgrounds and interests? Or is it a large department of staff with varied differences?

Physical, mental or inspiring experience? Do you think physically gruelling and sporty experiences will be more effective with your staff? Or do you want to push them with mentally-challenging activities, or inspire them motivational speeches?

Creating a special, engaging and memorable experience for your staff

With such questions in mind, when considering the destination for your company away day, you should think about choosing one that offers your staff a special and memorable experience that will keep them engaged. It’s a good idea to consider a place that gives them a break from the mundane and provides an effective contrast to their everyday working environment.

If your employees work in a modern city building, for instance, allowing them to experience a business away day in a historic castle could be very effective.

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It’s also worth choosing a destination where you can combine different activities during the day to help keep employees engaged. For instance, you could offer your staff the chance to experience a range of activities, like sports events, problem-solving tasks, and a brain-storming session, followed by a motivational conference.

Consider a destination that fits in with a current business theme too. If your sales incentive scheme has a film and TV theme, for instance, a team-building day that involves a woodland adventure experience, based around an action film, like The Hunger Games, could work well.

In addition to all this, there are other options to consider:

Near or far 

Deciding on whether you want to hold your away day close to your office or far away can come down to the experience you want to create for your staff, as well as your budget. Taking staff to a long-distance destination can feel special, if you have the money to do it. But a local venue or space can also make a good destination. An away day organiser, for instance, could hold an away day in your large town or city park, a local conference centre, or some nearby woodland – there are endless options.

That said, depending on where your company is based, there can be more opportunities to experience a special away day destination if you’re willing to travel the distance. This could include a historic city, a national park, or somewhere on the coast. You can also make traveling to and from the destination part of the experience, such as visiting a famous landmark, or stopping by the distribution centre of a key product you sell. 

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Urban or rural

Depending on your business, holding a staff away day in the city or countryside can also provide a nice contrast to the everyday for your employees.

If your staff work in a city, for instance, taking them to a business away day set in a stunning national park, like the Lake District, should be effective. Alternatively, if your business is based on a newly-built industrial estate, close to the countryside, an away day held in an exciting landmark historical city, like London or Edinburgh, should go down well with your staff.

 Outdoor or indoor

There are many great destinations for away days both indoor and outdoor. Deciding what’s best for you can depend on different factors, particularly, what kind of experience you want to create. Again, providing an experience for employees that contrasts with their day-to-day work can be effective. For instance, if staff spend most of their day sat behind an office computer, then perhaps a destination with access to outdoor pursuit-style activities, would be beneficial.

With this in mind, deciding on indoor or outdoor events can depend on whether you want your destination to provide staff with physical or brain-taxing problem-solving activities. It can also depend on the space you need and if you need to suit a small or large group of people. The time of year you plan to go can also be a factor. An away day set in a beautiful park, for instance, would probably be more effective and engaging if held in the summer.

How we can help you with business training away days 

Finding the right destination is just one important part of creating the best employee away day for your business. From key activities to food to transport and hosting on the day, there are many factors that can help make these events more successful.

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