Corporate team event ideas to build relationships

Posted by Jo Kelly

Building relationships within your team can take time. Providing your staff with opportunities outside of work to get to know each other, work together in different and engaging ways and forge stronger bonds as a team, can reap rewards for a business.

This includes creating a better working environment and a more successful and unified sales force.

We highlight some of the different team event ideas that you could provide for your staff to help build relationships.

Physical challenges

You might want to push your staff to their physical limits, testing their stamina and endurance, while encouraging them to help and support each other to reach a goal. Physical challenges are a great way to provide a team with an exciting event that can help foster and encourage a better relationship between employees.

Some ideas for this sort of event include:

It’s a Knockout – A big, fun team event involving an obstacle course and races, with participants wearing large oversized costumes. This sort of event is a great way for your employees to have fun and cheer each other on, building a sense of camaraderie between team members.

Scavenger hunts – These team events are a brilliant way to encourage staff to explore a city together and can make a great addition to an incentive travel trip. Staff can be set tasks to complete, travel to various sights together and solve riddles. It’s possible to make these more adrenaline-fuelled events by adding a fun type of transport, such as travelling by speedboat down the River Thames in London.

Monopoly events – A spin on the scavenger hunt event, and a great way to introduce people to London, is our Monopoly challenge. Taking inspiration from the original Monopoly board game, we provide teams with a number of locations to visit across the capital, and then give them tasks to complete to earn points. Afterwards, points are tallied and prizes are awarded to the winners. To learn more about this team event, read about a Monopoly Challenge we devised for technology company Systemax.

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Mental challenges

Alternatively, you might want to stretch your team’s mentally by challenging them with puzzles and tasks that require a lot of problem solving. These are a great way to help teams to communicate more and work together to overcome a problem.

Some ideas for this sort of event include:

Escape rooms – Locking your staff in a room might seem like an overly harsh way of making them get to know each other better. However, escape rooms are purpose-built rooms that consist of a series of puzzles and riddles. Teams must work together to complete the puzzles against the clock to find a way to escape.

The rooms can be themed, from simple tomb raider-style puzzles to trying to escape from a haunted house. They are a great activity for teams to come together and develop their problem-solving ability in a fun way.

Mysteries – Another fun team-building event is a murder mystery, where employees can work together to find the culprit behind a crime by looking for clues and evidence. These puzzle-solving events can be similar to an escape room. They can also be arranged as part of a dinner event, where a meal and social element precedes the task of solving the crime.

Group learning and social events

Instead of tasking teams with completing a goal that requires physical or mental endurance you might want to provide a more sedate learning and sociable experience.

These fun events can also help team members relax and get more comfortable around each other.

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Some ideas for group learning and social events, are:

Cooking lessons – Learning as a team can promote a sense of unity. And learning how to make chocolate or cook high-quality dishes, for instance, can be a fun activity for a team to undertake. If your team is on an incentive trip to a foreign country, this could be a fantastic way to introduce them to the local cuisine.

Wine tasting – Similar to a cooking lesson, sending a team on a sedate wine tasting trip can be a great group learning experience. Showing staff how to properly taste wine, while sharing their thoughts on each drink, can be a fun way to help teams communicate and share ideas. This could be the great part of any trip to Italy, Spain or France. It’s even possible in Britain, with vineyards on the Dorset coast.

Nights out – As a way to break the ice, or to cap off a team-building weekend, a night out is a great option. Providing some VIP treatment, or offering a trip to a gig or show, are fantastic ways to round out a team event and help it go out with a bang.

Team-building events help to promote better communication, which helps teams learn to work better together. As events for staff they are incredibly versatile and can make good day trips. They can also work as part of the itinerary of a larger event.

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