Corporate away day ideas to do on a budget

Posted by Jo Kelly

Business away days can be an effective tool in helping to train and develop your company team, but they don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

We list some corporate away day ideas to consider when you’re on a budget, which can still motivate and upskill your employees, while giving them a valuable experience.

Ways to save money on your corporate away day

There are many ways you can save the pennies for your business away day when you’re on a budget. This includes the event:

  • Destination
  • Activities
  • Hospitality

Cheaper destinations

While it’s important to excite and engage your staff on your business away day, it doesn’t mean you have to spend money travelling to a faraway destination. There can be plenty of opportunities to have a good corporate away day outdoor and closer to home. For instance, a local woodland or a nearby park can make a great site for your employees to do team-building activities.

A local sports club can also provide the space or facilities you need for a good corporate away day. This could include a gymnasium, sports pitch, or a sailing or canoeing club. Nearby venues might also offer you a good deal to use their facilities, like a spacious community centre or church hall.

It’s also worth considering leisure facilities where your staff can play competitive games, such as your nearby ten-pin bowling complex.

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Cost-effective activities

You can also save money on the types of activities your staff do on the day. You don’t need to take them on costly experiences to keep them engaged, like zip-wiring or white water rafting. There are many activities they can do that focus on building key skills, without you breaking the bank.

For instance, a local outdoor pursuits club might offer cheap activities that are effective in team building, such as indoor rock climbing or orienteering.

There are also simple group games and puzzles your staff can play anywhere outside, which focus on skills like leadership and problem solving. These games are fun and effective and only require cheap equipment, like balls, mini bean bags and hula hoops.

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Cheaper hospitality

While keeping your employees fed and hydrated during an away day is important, it doesn’t mean you have to splash out on providing a three-course meal for your staff. Some away day providers should offer cheaper food options, like a nice selection of sandwiches or a small buffet. Certain venues might also offer packages which include a cheap lunch as part of the deal.

You could also provide some of the food and drinks yourself, like bottled water and crisps. Or consider arranging a Jacob’s Join, in which your staff each bring an item of food for the team to share. You could add to the fun of doing this by having the food fit with a theme, like the food of a particular country.

Break up your event or tie it to your incentive travel  

Another way to save money is to arrange a business away day, so you’re only at your paid-for destination for a morning or part of the afternoon. You can then follow this with games in your nearest park or a quiz back in the office.

It’s also worth making your away day part of an incentive travel experience. Perhaps you’ve organised a costly incentive travel trip somewhere exciting and exotic overseas. This might have access to activities and cheap venues, ideal for holding a corporate away day. You can learn more about incorporating an away day with your incentive travel in our blog, Incentive travel trips that educate.

How we can help you with corporate away days

Corporate away days can be a key way to build your company team, whether advancing your staff’s skills or adapting their attitudes to fall in line with your business values.

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