Corporate away day ideas for small groups

Posted by Jo Kelly

Team away days are not limited to large groups. If your business only has a handful of staff, you can still get the same benefits with an away day experience.

Having a small team has its advantages – a small group provides more scope for a much more personalised experience.

We highlight some ideas for away days with smaller groups in mind.

Team building

Smaller team-building events help team members to rely more closely on each other. For instance, overnight survival training, white water rafting or paintballing, and creative retreats, designed to help staff communicate better with each other.

The benefit of being in a smaller group is that you can really amplify the importance of individuals relying on each other. This can promote more effective communication and team work.

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Training days

Having a small group can mean you offer a much more personal experience. For example, at a conference or training event, you could arrange a small group session with one of the speakers to get some personal interaction with an influencer in your industry.

Smaller sessions for training are often more beneficial as they allow staff to ask more questions in a much more relaxed environment. This also helps to ensure that staff cover any problematic areas and get as much from a training session as they possibly can.

Having a smaller group means you can also plan training days that are more tailored to people’s individual needs and interests. You can take more time to plan and find the right training opportunities for individual team members.

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Motivational days

With a small team, ensuring everyone is motivated is crucial as morale in a close-knit environment can be quickly affected if someone isn’t happy.

Motivating a small team with an away day is a great way to keep staff happy, such as to help build enthusiasm for a new product or service, or to reward a period of hard work.

Having a small team can give you scope to provide more intimate or interesting events too. For instance, offering behind-the-scenes access at a gig, a trip to a film premiere, or VIP treatment at an event or night out. In terms of preparation for new product or service launches, you could use the small size of a group to your advantage to provide a more hands-on experience at a business conference or launch event. This allows staff to better understand a new product and its benefits, improving their ability to sell it.

A small group allows for more concentrated away day experiences, so you to focus on the specific interests or needs of a group.

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