Christmas team event ideas to provide for your staff

Posted by Jo Kelly

Holding a Christmas team event can be a great way to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year.

Such events can motivate employees, reaffirm loyalty and make them feel valued during an often busy and stressful time at work. They can also help staff to bond and allow them to refocus for the New Year, with the mindset to come back to the office even stronger.

With all this in mind, here are some top Christmas team event ideas for you to provide for your staff this festive season.

Christmas events in the office

Holding a Christmas team event doesn’t mean you have to leave the office – which can be good if you’re on a budget. There are plenty of fun, motivating and festive things you can do in the comfort of your own business space.

You could bring out the Christmas decorations one night after work and get the staff to help put the tree up and decorate the office. You could even make an occasion of it by putting out some mince pies and playing Christmas music. Another option is to do a Secret Santa, where staff pull a name out of a hat and buy a present of a certain value for that person. This is a great bonding exercise because buying a gift for a colleague, who they might not know so well, can make them think more about that person and build a better rapport with them. Staff can then enjoy opening gifts from their secret Santa together, under the office Christmas tree.

You could also put together an end-of-year company awards event, where staff show their recognition for each other’s hard work and nominate colleagues for different award categories. These might include awards like best sales person, hardest worker, and most improved employee. The awards would be presented to winners with a prize, just before Christmas, in front of other staff. Other ideas include holding a games day where staff bring in board games they love to play at Christmas, which they can play together in teams. As well as helping them bond, this can be nostalgic as they might play games they played as a child, for example.

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Games and experiences

Allowing your staff to enjoy games and experiences together outside the office, in the run up to Christmas, can boost team morale and give employees some good downtime after an often hectic season. It can also get them in the mindset to work well together as a team at a potentially pressurised time of the year.

There are a range of fun activities that you and your staff could experience, up and down the UK. These include Crystal Maze Live experiences in London and Manchester – the ultimate team challenge, based on the iconic 90s game show. You could also take your team on a Monopoly Challenge, which involves finding the different locations across London that appear on the famous game board. Or you could take your staff on a Christmas-themed treasure hunt where they must follow clues to spot or find festive things around your local city.

Festive activities don’t have to be season-specific – such as a chocolate-making experience, -allowing your team to learn how to make the finest selection of chocolates – and enjoy them afterwards. You could also take them on an ice carving workshop to learn how to create some intricate ice sculptures.

Festive days and nights out

Taking your team on a Christmas-themed day out can really help staff feel valued and appreciated. You could hire a bus, so staff travel together, play Christmas songs along the way to get them in the festive mood, and enjoy a team lunch together.

There are plenty of festive-themed events across the UK that can make great days out – from Winter wonderland in London’s Hyde Park, with its ice rinks and festive-themed fairground rides, to beautifully themed market towns, like Yorkshire’s Grassington Dickensian Festival.

There are also many spectacular Christmas markets worth a team visit, from Birmingham to York and Edinburgh.

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If you prefer to take your staff out in the evening, there are many options after the winter sun goes down, allowing them to bond as a team and build working relationships. In London alone, this could include a drink at its famous ice bar or a meal in an igloo on a winter-themed roof terrace. You could also treat your staff to a carol concert at a city hall or cathedral, or get them into the spirit of the season by seeing a Christmas play or pantomime together. Alternatively, you could take them to a Christmas lights festival, such as at Blenheim Palace, Kew Gardens or Dunham Massey. There, they can together experience spectacular light shows and walks through stunning gardens, lit up in thousands of festive lights.

Providing the best team events for your business this Christmas

Putting together a team event is a great way for you to engage, motivate and reward your staff, especially at a busy time like Christmas. Getting your events right can take a great deal of planning, but the rewards make the hard work worthwhile, as staff feel empowered to do more for your business.

At CR Worldwide, we can quickly, plan and implement team events that do more for you and your staff. Our events are:

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Easy to implement – They can be quickly set up and planned, tailored to suit your staff, and designed to meet your needs and business goals.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our Team Event services. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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