5 top tips for a team night out

Posted by Jo Kelly

It’s hard to beat a staff incentive reward that gives your employees the opportunity to relax, have fun and let their hair down.

This is where a team night out can help. It could be part of an incentive travel trip, or it could be a reward at the end of a particularly hard, busy, sales period.

It’s important that such a company team event goes down well with your staff. So here are our top five tips to help you give them the perfect team night out.

1. An event

A big team night out should have something for staff to look forward to. This could be a show, gig, film premier, or stand-up comedy performance.

Your night needs something to help differentiate it from a typical night out and make it much more memorable for your staff, and an exciting event can help.

2. Food

You can’t party on an empty stomach, which is why it’s a good idea to ensure your night out involves food. This can tie into, and help set, the tone for the rest of your event.

If you’re going to take in a show and enjoy a VIP experience, for instance, having a meal at an upmarket restaurant can add to the feeling of glamour that your event creates.

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3. A venue

A big team night out should be memorable. The venue you choose, like a new swanky wine or cocktail bar, can help and make it differ from a typical night out for your staff.

Visiting a landmark city for the night can also change the dynamic of an event by making it that little bit more special. You could swap your usual local bars for London clubs, or those in Dublin, for example.

4. VIP

If you want your staff to feel special on a team night out, it’s worth ensuring that they are given special treatment.

VIP seating and treatment in clubs, venues and restaurants can help a team feel more special. It can also, again, help to differentiate their team night out from a typical one.

The best view, the best service, and the best seats can help staff feel like their hard work has really been appreciated. They are also likely to be given the best help to relax and have fun.

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5. Transport & accommodation

An amazing night out shouldn’t be spoiled by team members worrying about how they’re going to get home. For this reason, a key consideration for your team night out should be transport and accommodation.

Providing an overnight stay in a hotel, especially if your night out is part of a city break, is crucial. You should also provide transport to and from the event; this could be as simple as a minibus or something more outlandish, like a limousine.

A team night out is a great way to reward the hard work of your staff. It can also work as a great standalone event or as part of a larger incentive reward, such as a trip away.

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