Why rewards technology works (and 20 ways to use it)

Posted by Dan Kelly

The idea of incentive, recognition and reward has been around for a long time; it’s tried, tested and proven to work. To make an impact you have to stay ahead of the game, move with the times and think about your audience – and actually, it’s not so much what you do, but how you do it.

A rewards scheme will only be successful if people know about and interact with it. Traditionally, strategies like league tables have worked fantastically well – participants can instantly see how they are performing, and be recognised for their achievement in front of others. It’s no secret that sales people want to win and they like telling everyone about it!

Innovative use of technology plays a vital role: it allows us to communicate with each other in a mass, instantaneous, and interactive way like never before, and people have accepted it into every aspect of their lives; yet communication is a key aspect overlooked when it comes to deploying incentive and reward programmes.

Utilising an accessible technology solution makes it much easier for businesses to get incentives, reward and recognition underway and successfully adopted by staff across the company.

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We’ve developed a best-practice approach that allows us to utilise technology to drive the success of brands’ programmes.

Your 20-point rewards programme checklist

Broken down into simple steps, these will ensure an informed and prepared approach to your online rewards, recognition and incentive programme.

1)      Know your goals – what needs to be achieved by who, by when? Take time to plan what success looks like for you.

2)      Know your audience – who are we targeting. Profile them and gain required data from HR.

3)      What’s the reality now – conduct an online questionnaire to assess starting point.

4)      Set the target – agree what success looks like, establish KPIs and ensure you can report and get the data.

5)      Communicate the goal – use email and social media to drive people to your web platform.

6)      Create engagement – a branded web platform makes it instantly recognisable, create a place where the rules of engagement are clearly set out, explain what is expected and obtainable.

7)      Get commitment from the off – request that staff sign up to the Ts & Cs.

8)      Give them the tools to succeed – training online, product sheets, online collateral.

9)      Make it fun and exciting – perhaps theme your programme or involve gamification with avatars or badges.

10)   Generate healthy competition – allow employees to track performance through a league table or race, with thresholds to hit that are clearly visible to them and others.

11)   Make success achievable for participants, with continuous smaller rewards along the way such as prizes for hitting smaller targets,  monthly top performers, prize draw entries, scratch cards, or prize codes.

12)   Celebrate quick wins – post winners online or circulate by email and social media, publicly recognising achievement in the work place.

13)   Automate the sales data approval process as much as possible from databases or agreed regular reporting at pre-set times. Facilitate self-claim for sales people with online managerial approval process.

14)   Keep communicating and stay front of mind with email updates, direct mail, branded giveaways, sales meeting updates, online progress trackers, etc.

15)   Reward personal and team success if budget allows, such as reward points for prizes, pre paid cards to differentiate from salary, offer a team reward for over achievement

16)   Deliver on your promise – if you say you’re going to give a dream holiday then give a dream holiday.

17)   Reward in a timely and appropriate manner. This is why points work, it’s quick, easy, consistent and gives users power to be rewarded when and how they want to be.

18)   Recognise success – it’s a powerful thing and breeds more success and higher engagement.

19)   Conduct a wrap up survey – how do they feel, has their knowledge improved, do they feel more engaged with the business, where can we improve.

20)   Build on the success – don’t stop there; if it works do it again, incorporating learnings and always looking to improve.

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Why does it work so well?

People expect to use technology in many aspects of their lives today, especially at work. Yet only a decade ago, when Corporate Rewards was born, we worked with businesses whose staff couldn’t access the internet or who didn’t want to use computers outside work. Now it’s expected by employees of all ages – for example, the fastest growing demographic using social media is the over 45s.

The internet, SMS, email, social media and mobile devices are all useful tools that can be put to work making businesses communicate in a direct, personal and impactful way. Taking your incentives programme online makes the entire process immediate, accessible and universal. Staff have no excuse not to get involved when it’s so easy, and they’ll want to get involved when they see what’s in it for them.

Any tool is only as good as the benefits it brings – in this case, allowing us to take the traditional approach of rewards and recognition to a wider audience with the impactful messages that it embodies, reaching more staff and getting more buy in, making your programme more successful than ever before.

Helping you to better reward your staff

Technology allows you to provide staff incentives and rewards in a way that can be easily monitored, both by your team members and management. Using incentives is a key way to drive motivation and ultimately better sales within your business.

At CR Worldwide, we can plan, organise and run effective employee recognition programmes that can increase morale, performance and staff development across your business. Our employee recognition schemes are:

Easy to implement – Our recognition schemes can be quickly set up, and easily tailored to suit your staff, their needs and your business goals.

Easy to use – We provide simple methods to reward your staff’s hard work and achievements in a way that makes them feel valued, improves their performance and enhances their loyalty, while creating an instant emotional bond with your brand.

Easy to manage – Our programmes offer real-time reporting allowing managers to easily keep track of staff achievements to instantly recognise and reward and reach new goals. A range of exciting rewards can also be selected from a catalogue that we provide.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our employee recognition schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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