What to look for in an incentives partner

Posted by David Gould

Putting a process in place to monitor your employees’ hard work and motivate them to continue to deliver for your business is an integral part of ensuring they perform. However, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task to undertake in-house. For this reason, many businesses opt for a partnership with a company which has experience in offering rewards and incentives.

Deciding on this sort of relationship is a big step for businesses to take, so finding the right business to partner is hugely important. You are not only assigning your budget to an activity that has be cost effective, but will also need to invest time and efforts into a partnership to achieve results you need.

Your incentive partner needs to be adaptable. They should provide suggested ways to motivate your employees to achieve higher levels of performance and offer incentives that reflect their needs and desires.

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A one-size-fits-all approach might not necessarily work. Your incentive partner should be flexible enough in their approach to find the rewards and incentives that will get the absolute best performance out of your team.

This could mean offering a range of awards to appeal to different demographics within your team or, it might mean offering you a range of available tactics to execute an effective incentive program – from engaging hype days to robust reward redemption platforms.

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Effective management

From the type of platform that’s put in place, to the marketing you use to drive engagement, effective management and tracking of a program is integral to its success.

You should have maximum visibility of everything that is happening at each stage of your incentive – from marketing tactics and data management, to the measurement of the results your incentive generates.


The right tracking can help you understand that your incentive is working. Your incentive partner should help you identify the key statistics and KPIs necessary to track success and ultimately, ROI.

A robust platform will allow you to build bespoke reporting views, from total sales and team performance to reward redemption statistics, allowing you to monitor progress or spot anomalies, as well tracking reward budget allocation.

Proven track record

You need to be fairly certain that your relationship with your incentive partner will deliver the results you want. Case studies and client success are good indicators of the work a partner has done. They usually demonstrate how effective their programs have been for other businesses, in your field and beyond.

Choosing the right incentive partner

Finding the right partner can be a major boon to your business. Not only can you draw on their experience and skills to launch effective employee incentives, but you can forge a relationship which will help you to continually drive stronger performances from your employees.

At CR Worldwide, we can quickly design, launch and optimise powerful incentive schemes for your business. This can drive employee performance and engagement and help to generate increased sales. Our programs are:

Easy to implement — They can be tailored to suit your business needs and goals, meaning you can be ready to implement an incentive scheme quickly.

Easy to use — They are designed so that they’re easy to understand and use. This allows employees to easily work towards their reward targets, track their sales, and compete with other businesses.

Easy to manage — They offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can effectively manage, organise and track your team’s performance, set rewards according to your budget, and get the most value out of your incentive scheme.

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