What Are The Best Types of Sales Incentives?

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The sales industry is one of the most diverse and unique industries when it comes to rewarding, incentivising and recognising those in the selling space. There are so many different ways to incentivise your sales team and to keep them motivated. The hardest part of keeping your sales team motivated/incentivised, is knowing what works for your team.

As experts, we are here to help with this. We have years of experience in helping a multitude of companies provide the best types of sales incentives that actually motivate your sales force. Here, we share the wealth of knowledge we have into the best types of sales incentives.

Why are Sales Incentives so Important?

Providing effective and well-executed sales incentive programmes are a top priority for your sales team. The sales team help keep your offering in demand as well as bring in profit for your business, so motivating them is always high on the priority list for any business. There are a number of other reasons why using the best type of sales incentives as possible are crucial to sustained success:

  • Increased sales results
  • Improved sales team performance
  • Market share growth
  • Rise in brand awareness
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Bigger share of wallet
  • Improved product knowledge
  • Loyalty to the business

So What are the Best Types of Sales Incentives?

Instant Rewards/Sales Incentives

Often, sales staff having to wait for a specific period of time or certain time of year for their reward/incentive, such as Christmas, can mean they lose motivation while they wait to be rewarded. Using instant rewards, immediately after your team member has their great achievement can not only motivate them straight away, but it can help keep them motivated for longer.

Versatile Sales Incentives

In a fast-paced environment such as sales, it might be a good idea to use rewards that can be given out instantly while maintaining versatility to suit and meet the busy lifestyle of your sales staff.

We offer you the capability to send scratch cards via emails to your salesforce who have achieved the most during a busy period. Sending pre-paid cards and vouchers are also a great way to quickly and easily hand out rewards/incentives to your staff and are still a very versatile way to go about this.

Using a Rewards/Incentives Platform

Another great way to incentivise or reward your sales staff, is by using a dedicated rewards platform. This allows you to adopt a very hands-off approach to sales incentives as CR Worldwide’s Rewards Platform manages this for you. Your sales staff can check targets, log performance and even receive their reward/incentives within that platform.

Why Use MyRewards as a Type of Sales Incentive?

There are a number of benefits of using online reward platforms as a type of sales incentive and within that platform there are a wide range of rewards and incentives for your sales staff. Here are just some of the benefits of using our rewards platform as a type of Sales Incentive:

  • Cloud-based
  • Scalable for any number of users, regions, languages and functionality
  • Robust, fast and reliable architecture
  • ISO27001 certified – information security standard
  • Responsive design and intuitive usability
  • Available range of APIs for easy integration into internal systems
  • Regular security testing
  • Benefit from future software upgrades and new features

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