What are the best rewards for sales staff?

Posted by Dan Kelly

Showing your sales staff that you value their hard work is important. It can show that you appreciate and pay attention to their dedication and diligence at work, like during busy periods. This can help them feel more involved and engaged with your business.

To ensure that your staff feel valued, rewarding them as part of a sales incentive scheme is key. The rewards you offer can encourage your employees to work harder and push towards higher sales targets. So what are the best rewards to provide for your sales staff?

Rewarding experiences

A fantastic way to make staff feel valued and rewarded for their hard work is to provide unique events and trips — activities where the memory of the experience could stay with them for years to come.

The exact scope of the events and trips you provide can vary. For example, it could be an evening at a nearby high-end restaurant for an extravagant meal. It could be a weekend away at a spa to relax and unwind. Or you could take your top performers on a week-long vacation to an exotic holiday resort.

Rewards such as these can be especially beneficial for sales staff. They can encourage employees to work hard to earn them – pushing themselves and even their colleagues to meet their sales targets. This means that rewarding staff with an experience which lets them unwind and relax after a busy period can go down well with employees. It can make their hard work feel appreciated, while allowing them return to work refresh and reinvigorated.

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Cutting-edge tech

The latest technology and gadgets can be great for sales staff who love to keep up with the newest products.

This could be a fitness gadget, such as an activity tracker, for those staff who like to keep active. It could be the newest phone on the market. Or it might be something music related, like wireless speakers to use around the home.

The high value and versatility of technology-related rewards makes them ideal for sales staff in a sales-driven technology business. For instance, staff could push themselves to reach sales quotas for a certain product, with the aim of earning that same product as a reward for their hard work.

Versatile rewards

In a fast-paced environment such as sales, it might be a good idea to use rewards that can be given out instantly.

You could send scratchcards by email to those staff who achieve the most sales during a particularly busy day, for instance. You could also use a dedicated rewards platform to do this. Employees can check targets, log their performance, and receive their rewards instantly, making online scratchcards a simple yet efficient reward for sales staff.

Pre-paid cards and shopping vouchers can also make good personal rewards. Instead of rewarding staff with a specific gift of your choice, for instance, they allow employees to treat themselves to a gift of their choosing.

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Cards and vouchers are such an effective reward is because they offer something tangible, which staff can use to buy something they want. If you offered a cash bonus instead, there’s a risk that the money could be swallowed up by day-to-day expenses and bills – diminishing it as an effective reward.

Incentive rewards that show sales staff you care

The right rewards can show staff that you value them as employees, and appreciate all their hard work. Putting together a sales incentive scheme, with rewards attached to it, can ensure that you reward your staff as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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