Using an incentive programme to drive sales for your automotive business

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

When running a successful dealership business in the automotive sector, there is a heavy reliance on vehicle sales. So incentivising and motivating your salesforce is likely to be top of your priorities – particularly when there is huge competition in the marketplace from numerous car dealerships groups, car supermarkets, smaller dealerships and private sellers.

It’s important to ensure that your sales team are driven to continuously deliver results and stay ahead of the game. Vehicle sales are the origin of your customers journey, however it is important to encourage loyalty to your business which begins during the initial sale. Supporting your customers with service plans, warranties and other add-ons to their purchase can be an essential growth tool for your business and help you retain customers for the future too.

This blog explains how an incentive programme can help your automotive business’s team achieve this and drive forward their sales performance.

Why does incentivising a sales team matter?

Sales is an exciting career and it’s widely known that landing a sale is a buzz. But there’s nothing like knowing that a sale will actually benefit you personally, rather than just your employer. While commission has long-been used to incentivise salespeople, there are much more effective ways to encourage teams and see an uplift in sales. Incentive programmes make things personal, offering rewards that individuals really want to win and making them strive that little bit harder to seal the deal.

In the automotive industry, non-cash rewards have been seen to deliver a 46% increase in performance when compared with cash. An ideal solution is to set up a rewards catalogue, ensuring there is something for everyone. An incentive travel trip could be a luxury option for top sales staff – 78% perceive that travel is remembered longer than cash, according to a study from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF). Products or merchandise, such as jewellery or iPads are also popular options. The study shows that 84% agree that merchandise is remembered longer than cash. Or even a branded, pre-paid card can be a good choice. Unlike cash rewards, like cheques or a bank transfer, they allow the recipient to shop without the money just being absorbed into everyday finances and going unnoticed.

The right employee rewards programme transform your sales operations and keep your teams engaged.

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Benefits of a sales incentive programme for an automotive business

It should slot seamlessly into your business operations to deliver an array of benefits. This includes:
  • Increased performance
  • Increased sales
  • Uplift in add-on sales
  • Increased market share
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased staff confidence in the product being sold
  • Increased loyalty to the business
  • Recognition for all teams within the company
  • Better use of promotional funds, received from manufacturers
  • Awareness and accountability of promotional fund spend

The effect on your car dealership and team

The introduction of a strategically deployed, bespoke incentives programme will be most effective if it becomes part of your employees’ everyday routine. For an incentives scheme to reach its full potential at your car dealership, it’s also important for senior leadership to fully understand the positive implications and communicate these to individual employees. With all this in mind, an effectively managed programme should:

  • Focus on engaging, not just rewarding
  • Reinforce desired behaviours to create loyalty
  • Enhance internal communications
  • Ensure incentives are visible to staff
  • Stay front of mind to maintain engagement
  • Facilitate easy reporting
  • Be flexible enough to evolve with your business
  • Roll out across multiple dealerships within the group

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How should a sales incentive platform work within the automotive industry?

The easiest way to achieve these objectives is to implement an online incentives platform to be adaptable, accessible, fast and easy to manage. It should offer instant prizes to acknowledge achievements, such as the sale of a high-end vehicle. It should also use a points-banking system to encourage staff to work towards bigger rewards by meeting targets, such as achieving a set number of sales per month. A tracking feature should also be used to allow both staff and management to monitor progress and claim their rewards at the appropriate time.

MyRewards is our white-label, cloud-based platform, which can deliver sales incentives according to your needs. It offers all this and more, including:

  • Tiering against different incentives, according to business objectives and responsibilities
  • Visibility of progress against others via a league table
  • Enhanced product training through e-learning tests, videos and product sheets
  • A competitor comparison matrix
  • Prize draws for sales person of the week
  • Manager approvals
  • Dashboard performance metrics and ROI analysis

Helping to drive your automotive business’s sales team

When you run an automotive firm or car dealership that relies on its sales, incentivising to engage and motivate your sales team is key to getting the results you want, time and time again.

At CR Worldwide, we quickly design, launch and optimise powerful incentive programmes that drive increased sales in your business. Our sales incentive schemes are:

Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can efficiently manage, organise and track your team’s performance and the value of your incentive schemes.

Easy to implement — Our turnkey MyRewards platform can be tailored to suit your requirements, meaning you can be ready to implement sales incentive schemes fast.

Easy to use — Our platforms are made to be straightforward, so your staff can easily work towards their targets and the rewards up for grabs, track their performance and compete with their colleagues.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our sales incentive schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team: