Theming your incentives for an automotive company

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Competition between companies within the automotive sector is fierce and getting the most out of your staff is crucial to ensure you have the advantage over your competitors.

Incentives are a fantastic way to drive team performance and ensure that staff are maximising their potential wherever possible. But how do you ensure that staff are fully engaged with your incentive schemes? We explain how the right theming can help with engagement and ultimately drive the success of your incentives to new heights.

What sort of themes could you consider?

There are lots of different avenues to consider when it comes to theming an incentive for the automotive industry. When it comes to theming an employee incentive there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The time of year
  • Seasonal events such as Christmas
  • The prize or reward on offer
  • Your specific industry
  • What the incentive is targeting

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The time of year can be a really simple and effective way of theming an incentive. Keep in mind that, depending on how long you want to run your incentive for, this might not always be the best option, but for shorter incentives a seasonal option such as the summer holidays or festive period can be a great starting point.

Your prize might influence your theming. Say, for example, you are offering to send your top performing sales person on a trip abroad. The location can tie into the theming of the event, with recognisable landmarks and parts of the trip itinerary informing a lot of your promotional materials in order to help build enthusiasm.

Your specific industry can also tie into your theming. This doesn’t necessarily mean for the automotive sector that vehicles have to be the driving imagery. Look at what aspect of your business the incentive is focussed on. For example, maybe you’re a business that sells performance parts for cars, or a showroom that specialises in luxury vehicles.

These businesses might focus their incentive on increasing the number of sign-ups to a loyalty scheme, extended warranty or after-care programme. Tying the focus of the incentive into your theme can help build interest and drive momentum. For example, you could run an incentive for the sale of performance parts, targeting a different component each week. Creating a league table that updates based on which staff member has been the most successful can be a good way to keep the incentive fresh. The item that people are trying to sell more of can also change each week. This helps the incentive to evolve over time, stopping it from feeling too stagnant and keep staff engaged.

The options available to you for theming an incentive are only half of the puzzle. You need to marry the idea of what sort of theme you’d like to have with the sort of theme your team would be most responsive to.

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Finding a theme that gets the most out of your team

The most successful employee incentives are the ones that your staff actively engage with. Targeting an area of interest and offering a relevant reward can help keep staff motivated and involved.

Looking at your team and what they engage with on a personal level, be that sports, films, hobbies, etc. can give you an insight into the sort of reward they would be most receptive to. This information can also be used to help with the theming of your event. Using imagery or a reward based on a specific interest can help to maintain interest and build a level of enthusiasm that can go a long way in terms of driving performance.

You could tie that interest into your industry too. For example, if you have a team of film fans working in automotive sales, you could reward your best performers with a track day and give them the opportunity to drive some of their favourite vehicles from the big screen.

How we can help with your employee incentives

When you run a business that relies on its sales, be that in the automotive sector or otherwise, finding ways to incentivise, engage and motivate your sales team is key to driving the results your business needs to thrive.

At CR Worldwide, we offer a wide range of services that not only help staff to stay motivated and engaged, but help to drive sales performance, whatever your needs, launch time and budget.

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