Sales incentive ideas for home & building businesses

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Sales incentives can drive increased sales through various channels. Motivating staff to engage with potential customers and partners is crucial, and having an extra incentive to perform can drive more consistent work and results.

Different business sectors can utilise sales incentives in different ways, depending on their products, services and the other businesses they deal with. For businesses within the home and building sector, sales incentives present an opportunity to push products, build loyalty and encourage sales performance.

We’ve highlighted how incentives in each of these areas might work.

Pushing products

Sales incentives can be used to help push the sale of your products through different resellers.

Sales staff can be targeted with promoting the sales of specific products and in return be rewarded with points they can redeem against various prizes in a points banking system, if they achieve the KPI. These products could be newly launched, underperforming or in reaction to a competitor launch, for example.

This benefits a business in several ways. Firstly, it encourages the sale of your products over your competitors. Secondly, it also provides an opportunity to educate.

Adding an e-learning element to your incentive means that resellers can have access to online training modules, keeping them informed about your products, features and benefits, pros and cons, compared with competitor products. When they complete and pass a module, they are rewarded with a number of points or achieve a badge that will entitle them to move onto the next level, in their development.

e-learning not only helps keep your products front of mind, but it also allows resellers to make more confident recommendations based on what they’ve learned. This can be a great way to help ensure that feature-heavy products such as different power tools, or home fixtures and fittings such as white goods and security systems, are sold more effectively.

If you rely on resellers or wholesale to move your products, you need to ensure that they have some sense of loyalty to your brand. Incentivising resellers through a rewards package can help ensure your products are pushed more than others and build loyalty to a brand.

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Build loyalty

Having an online platform which resellers and wholesalers can access, which keeps them up to date on the latest news and information about your products, can be beneficial. This allows you to communicate with partners, share information and monitor sales performance.

Providing rewards based on purchases can also encourage resellers and wholesalers to buy stock off you. Or it could be a larger seasonal reward based on rewarding the customer who sold the most of your product or made the most orders from you.

Supporting your outlets to improve their customer loyalty and retention, isn’t to be overlooked. As a manufacturer, you can provide loyalty initiatives to the end customer to not only promote your brand, but to show the customer that their retailer values their business. This could be something as simple as a scratch card, given to customers at point of purchase if they buy products from your brand, they have an opportunity to receive money off future purchases or free product. Rewarding engagement is a great way to drive continued loyalty and give customers a reason to return time and time again.

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Encourage individual performance

The other way to use incentives is within your own shops and showrooms. This can help to drive sales of specific products.

Try offering incentives to the sales teams based on selling the most of a particular product within a timeframe. Perhaps you could offer daily and weekly or monthly awards, leading to a much larger prize when the incentive ends. This could be measured using leaderboard functionality within an online points banking platform.

The high performers could receive an instant points voucher that they can redeem for a prize within the online programme. This will help maintain momentum throughout the sales period and encourage others to increase their own performance if they can see their peers being rewarded.

Running different incentives across your showrooms can help to ensure that your sales teams are always on the top of their game, as they have that extra motivation and sense of competition driving them to deliver a consistent level of service.

You could choose to combine sales incentives across different channels, helping to provide boosts to sales in different areas. You might want to push one particular product across all of your different sales channels. This is a great way to apply additional momentum to a sales push.

The different incentives also allow you to motivate channels which might otherwise be underperforming. For example, you might be selling a lot through resellers, but your showrooms are lagging behind. A well-timed incentive can help to reengage and motivate staff.

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