Ideas for planning your Christmas sales incentive

Posted by Dan Kelly

The lead up to Christmas is a massive opportunity for any sales team. For retailers, the run up to Christmas is often their peak trading period and, for other businesses, client’s might want to finalise sales before they leave work for the year.

A sales incentive is a sure-fire way to help drive a continued level of performance, and help your team to capitalise as much as possible on the season. But what should your Christmas incentive involve? Here are some staff incentive ideas to consider for the season.

Festive themes

The core of your incentive should be a strong theme. In the time leading up to Christmas, this is usually a lot easier to put together.

You could opt for a general Christmas theme, focussed on really playing up to the look and feel of the season. Or you could theme your event around specific elements of Christmas, from presents to festive films – the opportunities are endless.

It might even work to theme your incentive around your rewards, if that ties into a festive theme. Perhaps you’re offering staff a chance to win a winter getaway or a city break that would include a trip to a Christmas market, for instance. Tying a theme into your incentive like this can remind your team of what they’re competing for.

Tracking your staff’s performance can even take a festive turn. For example, a Christmas tree that gradually gets decorated as employees reach their targets and milestones. This could be digital or just on a wall in the office. Christmas is a fun time and your incentive, and the way you track employee performance, should aim to capture that sense of fun any way it can.

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Vouchers and motivation

During your incentive, it can sometimes be a good idea to offer smaller prizes as a reward and as a way to help maintain momentum.

In the run up to Christmas, these could be small prizes dressed up as “stocking fillers”. They could include humorous presents, chocolate, socks, or tangerines. Or they could be another Christmas staple – vouchers.

Vouchers can fit the theme and seasonality of your incentive, but can also serve a dual purpose: they can be used to help out with either Christmas shopping, or to help staff take more advantage of the January sales – something which they’re sure to appreciate.

Small prizes could be awarded to the best performing staff member during the week or on a specific day, or they could be based on incremental targets you’ve set during the incentive. For example, if you’re trying to improve sales of additional warranties on electronic goods, you might offer small prizes to the best performers each week. Or you might reward staff every time they sell five warranties, helping them to maintain momentum and improve that KPI.

Trips and prizes

The big prize for your Christmas sales incentive could be a trip. This could either be winter themed, as we’ve already mentioned. Or perhaps you could offer your team the opportunity to escape the winter cold by jetting off to a warmer destination.

An incentive trip that contrasts with the season can grab the collective attention of your staff, inspiring and motivating them to achieve results during your incentive. This can especially be the case if the prize is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of trip, offering them somewhere tropical to go for Christmas. This could be a trip to the Gold Coast of Australia. Or maybe your trip could be for New Year, and you can send your staff to a destination famous for celebrating New Year, like Time Square in New York.

Your other prizes could be a huge Christmas hamper, including gadgets, food, clothing, and vouchers – essentially, handling an employee’s Christmas shopping and gifts as a prize. Again, this could inspire and motivate staff, especially if the prize contains a range of desirable items, like games consoles, phones, tablets, or food hampers.

Not only can this help stave off some of the stress that can come with work at this time of year, but it can also drive continued, ongoing success for your business.

Your Christmas incentive should inspire your staff to want to get more involved in their work. It should get them in the Christmas spirit and inject a sense of fun into a busy sales period.

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Helping you make the most of your sales incentives

Seasonal incentive schemes are a fantastic way to help drive your sales and motivate your staff by providing a recognisable event that is sure to stay front of mind. A successful incentive scheme can lead to long-term benefits for your business, from boosted sales to improve staff morale.

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