How to tie rewards into an incentive

Posted by Dan Kelly

Incentives are a fantastic way to drive ongoing performance, either among your staff, partners or other sales channels.

The rewards for success within an incentive can vary, from vouchers to major prizes like tech or holidays. However, can tying your reward more closely to the theme of your incentive help to improve engagement?

Relevance is key

Your incentive might be themed around a specific product or seasonal event. This helps with creating the imagery and styling for your incentive.

However, a themed reward could help to tie the entire incentive together and help to generate more interest from staff.

Think about the theming of your incentive. You might have tied it to a sporting event such as the World Cup. Your prize could relate to football in some way, such as VIP tickets to an international game at Wembley.

The choice of reward can help to explain and justify the theming of your incentive. Keep in mind that, much like when choosing the theme of an incentive, you need to make sure your reward is relevant to as many staff as possible. If you offer an incentive themed around something that fails to generate interest, and a reward that links to that theme, you might not generate the hype and engagement you require. Our blog post about seasonal incentive trips explains more about how tying an incentive into something specific requires care and planning.

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Smaller rewards

You might offer smaller rewards throughout an incentive in order to maintain interest and enthusiasm.

This is especially important to consider during longer incentives, as maintaining a consistent level of engagement could become more difficult the longer an incentive goes on.

Smaller rewards can be used to reward top performers at specific intervals, such as at the end of a shift, weekly or monthly.

These could be rewards that tie specifically into the theming of your event, or they might relate to the larger overall reward.

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For example, if your staff are competing for an incentive trip to a major shopping destination, you could reward performance in the run up to this with a series of vouchers. This then provides a prize that is relevant to the overall incentive but doesn’t require staff to be an overall winner to make use of them.

This can keep staff engaged, motivated and competitive throughout an incentive.

Larger rewards

Your main reward can form the backbone of your incentive.

You might have been planning an incentive, initially struggled to decide a theme, then found a potential reward which would work perfectly to motivate your team.

The reward could become what you build the whole incentive around. Tying the reward into the theming of the incentive means that all of the imagery, branding and promotion essentially serves to remind staff of what they are competing for.

The reward becomes the end goal that staff are trying to achieve, with everything from the tracking or results to the promotion and potential hype days designed to reiterate and remind the audience of this.

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Incentive schemes are a fantastic way to help drive your sales, improve employee performance, and increase revenue within your business. The right theme is crucial in holding attention and getting the best possible performance from your teams.

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