How to motivate your staff this winter

Posted by Jo Kelly

For many, winter represents an upsurge in trading as customers prepare for the festive period and businesses try to achieve a strong end to the year.

Capitalising on this opportunity to generate revenue is crucial to ensure the continued growth of your business. One key way to do this is by ensuring your staff stay motivated. Whether that’s on the sales floor or in a call centre, you need your team to be engaged and ready to capitalise on the potential for extra sales and happy customers.

There are a number of different ways to motivate staff. With winter being a busier time for businesses, there are some methods that are perfectly suited to this time of year that will help you to get the most out of your employees.

Instant rewards

One option to maintain momentum is to offer your staff instant rewards. This could be vouchers or points to redeem against prizes, which are provided when specific goals are met.

Staff might earn points based on the value of a sale, or they could win smaller rewards based on the sale of particular products, such as additional warranties, add-ons, and other high priority or high-value items.

Quick rewards such as these help to keep staff focussed on selling and driving performance. This is especially useful during peak trading periods, like during the winter, when the increased hustle and bustle can be a distraction and cause a loss of focus.

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Having a unified goal to work towards, or even a sense of friendly competition between team members, can provide a way to keep staff engaged and working hard. It also gives them a target to try and achieve and a major reward to strive for.

Long-term rewards, such as trips abroad and team days out, can provide a fantastic way to engage and motivate larger groups of staff and encourage them to work together.

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Incentives can be themed around an event that takes place during the winter, such as Christmas or Halloween, or themed around the season itself. This helps to provide things like imagery and marketing materials, which you can use to promote your incentive. This can help engage your staff and get them excited about competing or trying to earn a prize.

A themed event can be much better at capturing the imagination and holding an employee’s attention. This is especially important during busier periods when you want to keep staff engaged with incentives that drive improved performance.

Hype days

Instant rewards and incentives provide fantastic ways to motivate and engage your teams. However, it’s important that these initiatives get started on the right foot. Hype days or SPIF days can provide a fun way for staff to understand the new incentives and rewards available to them. These event days can also help to build a sense of excitement and enthusiasm around an incentive scheme. They help to build immediate engagement and gets staff interacting with your rewards incentive as soon as it launches.

Your ways to motivate your team should take effect as soon as possible. Launching a sales incentive programme with a hype day, for instance, gives it a sense of occasion and immediately grabs the attention of your staff.

A winter-themed hype day could involve festive or seasonal games, and activities that you would commonly associate with winter. Or it could be themed in a similar way to your incentive, in order to build ongoing interest and enthusiasm.

How can CR Worldwide help you to motivate your staff?

Sales incentives and instant rewards can be key to helping keep your staff engaged and driven towards delivering results for your business. They can help to maintain momentum during peak periods, and allow your business to capitalise on increased spending from your customers.

At CR Worldwide, we can quickly design, launch and optimise powerful sales incentive schemes for your business. This can drive employee performance and engagement, helping to generate increased sales for your business. Our programmes are:

Easy to implement — They can be tailored to suit your business needs and goals, meaning you can be ready to implement an incentive scheme quickly.

Easy to use — They are designed so that they’re easy to understand and use. This allows retailers’ staff to easily work towards their reward targets, track their sales, and compete with other businesses.

Easy to manage — They offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can effectively manage, organise and track your employees’ performances, set rewards according to your budget, and get the most value out of your incentive scheme.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate and inspire your staff with our innovative sales incentive services. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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