The impact of running a SPIF day

Posted by Jo Kelly

SPIF days (also known as Hype Days and Floor Walks) are an increasingly common sales floor initiative used to encourage and drive sales teams with a short sharp burst of training, motivation and incentives. SPIF ( Sales Promotion Incentive and Fun) is a powerful activation that whips up energy and enthusiasm in the workplace.

Why run a SPIF day?

SPIF days are often deployed tactically at key times, such as the launch of a new product or perhaps a rebrand, so the messaging is very targeted and sales teams can work towards specific objectives. This makes it quick and easy for sales people to learn and adopt the product features and communicate them to potential customers.

The SPIF event motivates teams to perform with the provision of incentives for hitting targets. This can be carried out in a number of ways, be it spot prizes for the best sale secured each hour, or leaderboards that keep everyone aware of their positions and keen to surpass their peers. In this way SPIF days are a fantastic way to drive healthy competition among teams and create focus, as their eyes are on the prize!

The impact of a SPIF day in terms of energy and enthusiasm is significant. Day to day, the office can become very samey and make coming to work a bit dull and uninspiring. Running a SPIF day will mix things up a bit and make the salesfloor a much more dynamic and exciting place to be. They can be launched on the day without warning, to add to the buzz, with an event manager on-site to run the whole event and explain to staff exactly what will be happening, setting objectives and generating hype.

This kind of upbeat and lively introduction will help to get staff buy-in and ensure your day makes an impact right from launch!

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For a longer running campaign, a SPIF day is a very effective way to kick off the designated period with a focused day of training and targets. Another day, mid-campaign can help to refresh and regroup, reminding salespeople of key messaging and objectives.

Or, if your business is launching a wider incentives scheme, then a SPIF day could be the ideal way to launch internally and communicate the benefits to ensure staff fully understand and buy in to the concept.

Lines of communication

To run an effective SPIF day, communication must be kept at a high level. After your rallying kick-off or launch, it’s vital to maintain interest and performance levels throughout the day, even when the post-lunch lull hits!

At moments like this, your event manager can step up to keep objectives top of mind and ensure that your team remains fully engaged. There are various tactics that can be utilised at these times, such as giving out sweets, energy drinks or healthy snacks, or even running games to create a natural break and help to refresh the brain before getting back to the selling.

To offset the enhanced competitive spirit that builds organically during these events, a SPIF day can also help to boost team spirit, as it’s a shared experience centred around achieving and having fun.

A natural result of this is a strong sense of engagement with the brand and a great feeling of loyalty as the whole event generates a feelgood factor. This can be strengthened by laying on lunch, perhaps ordering in a takeaway, so that everyone dines together, maintaining the momentum of the day and allowing people a chance to chat about how it’s going.

And to wrap up the whole occasion, a prize-giving provides a feeling completion, allows you to acknowledge everybody’s hard work, recognize top performers and highlight any special moments from the day. This will also reinforce team spirit and create a sense of togetherness.

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Business benefits

The broader effects of a SPIF day on an organisation are only positive. It is simple and inexpensive to organise and run, so little input is required in terms of resource. Significant results are seen on the day as the message is to sell, sell, sell, and these desirable results are long-lasting as the increased product knowledge and motivation will remain after the day itself comes to a close.

Tips for a top SPIF day

  1. Set targets: Be clear on what you want to achieve as a result of your SPIF day, so that it is measurable. It will also simplify planning and execution and allow you to allocate the resource as necessary.
  2. Numbers: Determine your budget in advance, so that you can scale your event accordingly and manage expectations.
  3. Planning: Appoint key personnel to run the event and select your venue to ensure that the day is as effective as possible. Be clear on exactly which teams are to participate and why.
  4. Timeline: How can the day fit around work commitments? When is the best time to run it?
  5. Contact: Allocate a suitable member of staff to oversee the event, manage suppliers and answer any questions on the day.
  6. Fun: Remember the day must be fun if it is to make an impact! The more enjoyable and exciting it is for those involved, the better your results will be. The idea is to achieve the objectives you have set and to have a good time doing it.

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