SPIF day ideas to motivate your sales team – sales floor games

Posted by Jo Kelly

SPIF days, also known as hype days, blitz and sales floor events, can motivate your sales team to sell fast and drive results in a fun way. But when it comes to thinking up SPIF day ideas to maintain motivation during the day, including games is a good place to start. 

SPIF day games to motivate your sales team 

Setting up mini games during a SPIF day, of which the best players of the day can win prizes, is one way to keep your sales team motivated. Amongst other things, games can:

  • Provide some variety to the day to keep your staff energised and engaged
  • Bring fun and excitement to the event and create a buzz on the sales floor
  • Help to give your staff the drive to work harder and sell more
  • Add some competition to the event to increase productivity
  • Allow your sales floor event to stand out from your competitors

SPIF day game ideas to consider

When incorporating games into your SPIF day, it’s wise to choose those that bring out the best skills in your sales team, which will help them sell and keep them focussed. This includes skills like good observation, working at speed and under pressure. It’s also a good idea to only give your employees a turn on a game once they achieve a sale.

Games that work well with a leader board can be very effective, as they often bring a bit of healthy competition to your sales floor.

You should also think about including games that can be branded and themed according to your SPIF day, such as a superhero, sports, or casino theme. You can also offer prizes that fit with the products your salespeople are selling.

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With all this in mind, types of games to consider are coordination, token-based, and arcade or simulator games. Examples include:

Coordination games – Batak game 

The idea with this is that when your salesperson achieves a sale they are given a slot on the Batak game for an allocated amount of time. They must then stand in front of the game board, which is fitted with a series of discs that individually light up in random order. As each disc lights, the salesperson must press the disc to turn it off. The discs then relight and they must keep hitting them until the time runs out.

The aim of the game is for the player to press as many lit discs as possible in the allocated time frame. The more lights they hit, the higher their place on the leader board and their chance of winning a prize.

This popular game can generate some buzz on the sales floor and bring out the competitive streak in your salespeople, as they compete to achieve sales, get a go on the game, remain on the leader board and win a prize. Playing the game well requires good coordination, observation, fast reaction skills and performing well under pressure.

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Token games – Cash cube

This fun game involves the player standing in a glass box – about the size of telephone box – filled with blank paper tokens and a small selection of pretend branded cash notes. Once inside the box, the door is closed and a fan turns on which swirls the tokens and cash around the inside of the cube.

The aim of the game is for the salesperson to collect as much branded cash as possible in an allocated time. Different amounts of branded cash entitle them to a prize from a given selection, and the more cash, the better the prize. Prizes can also be awarded to the top performers of the day.

The game looks impressive, can boost energy levels during a SPIF day and is good for creating a buzz on your sales floor. Players should have great determination and must work fast to collect a high number of tokens.

Arcade games – Vision racers

This simulator-style car racing game involves your salespeople completing races against their colleagues to win a place on a leader board and, in turn, win a prize. The idea is that the player sits in the simulator to race other vehicles and steer their car to victory.

With only a small number of places on the leader board that qualify to winning a prize, the game can get very competitive as salespeople compete to achieve the fastest race time of the day. More than one simulator can also be set up, with units positioned side by side, so several salespeople can race at the same time.

The game is less physical than other SPIF day games, creating a fun experience for your staff, while providing groups of salespeople with a break from their sales to help maintain motivation. Being successful in the game involves good focus, fast reflexes and good observation skills. This is a great game to include if you’re running a Formula One or Le Mans-themed incentive, for example.

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