How to run a sales floor day during peak trading periods

Posted by Jo Kelly

During busy periods in a business, such as Christmas or Black Friday when you are targeting high volumes of sales, it’s important that your sales teams remain engaged and enthusiastic to help maximise the potential for increased sales and revenue.

One way to do this is through a sales floor activation day. However, peak trading periods can get hectic. So how do you create hype and run a sales floor day during a busy period, especially when multiple brands are vying for each sales team’s attention?

What are you promoting?

You should first decide what you want to promote and what offers will help encourage more sales.

Your sales floor day could then aim to keep staff engaged and enthusiastic about highlighting these offers for your customers. To ensure the offers are kept at the forefront of a staff member’s mind, include posters around the sales floor or leaflets on desks.

During peak periods, businesses are often much busier and staff will just want to get through a busy shift without any problems. A sales floor day can help by maintaining momentum, keeping staff focussed on the task at hand, and ensure they maintain a consistent level of professionalism.

To help with this you could reward staff, by having a tangible prize to give away. At the end of a shift you could announce who has made the highest level of sales, for instance, or performed the best against whatever your KPI’s may be. This staff member then receives the prize. To maintain momentum throughout the day and to encourage a level of competitiveness and increase productivity, you could also offer smaller prizes during the day to give multiple opportunities for staff to work towards being rewarded for their performance.

Depending on budget, you could offer larger rewards like weekend breaks or experiences, as part of a team or as a prize for a specific sales department.

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Themed around the season 

Your sales floor day could be themed around the season. Tying your event to a specific theme can help it to resonate with your staff, especially if it links to a commercial focus or major event. This can, much like with the right promotion, help to keep offers and key incentives front of mind with your team.

For example, if your peak trading period is in the run up to Christmas, then you could theme your sales floor event around the idea of a winter wonderland, Santa’s grotto or German market.

Think snowflake bunting, skiing simulators or an escape from the office floor to a winter wonderland via the power of VR games, or simpler smaller touches like hot chocolate carts, bratwurst and Belgian waffles to recreate that Christmas market feel.

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Keeping on track

Sales floor days are designed to have a competitive streak to them; all with the aim of encouraging increased performance of sales teams, in order to achieve your desired KPI’s. To keep everyone involved and enthusiastic you need to think about how you are keeping your staff up to date on their performance.

A great example is a large branded and themed wallchart, which will enable staff to track performance and have a visible depiction of what they are working towards and how far away they are from being top of the leader board.

With live updates to the chart throughout the day, the true spirit of a sales floor day will come into effect, by generating the desired hype and eagerness for staff to focus and boost their performance, in order to win the prizes up for grabs.

Helping you put together the perfect SPIF day 

With pressure on your business to make your key trading periods successful, ensuring sales teams are focused on your brand and objectives is key. There’s nothing better than a SPIF day to motivate staff, while having some fun in the process.

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