How to drive mindshare and increase partner channel sales in a competitive space

Posted by Jo Kelly

The channel is a deeply competitive environment where vendors continually sparring for share of voice.

Sales teams will always have to split their time between different brands and products, which creates the need to fight for time, space and awareness. Every brand will want pole-position among the sellers, so to gain the top-slot you need to gain your team’s attention.

When every sales team needs to acquire product knowledge across multiple brands and be able to communicate this fluently and convincingly to potential customers, how can you be sure that your product is sufficiently well-understood and sold?

Get attention with an event

The idea of incentivising sales teams to focus on your brand is not a new one, but there are different ways of going about it, some more effective than others. The incentives you offer either need to be bigger and better than those offered by your competitors, or you need to approach it in a different way to make a big, and lasting, impression on your sales team.

Trying to engage with them from afar will always be a challenge: there are simply too many emails to keep up with, and once the phone call is ended, so too is the engagement! Like the old saying: out of sight, out of mind.

The best way to really capture a sales team’s attention is on their turf: the sales floor, face to face and speaking directly to them. It’s not feasible to maintain a constant presence here, ut you ca create an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

This is where SPIF days come in – Sales Promotion Incentive and Fun. These sales floor events take place with a bang! High energy and full on, SPIF days aim to capture your sales team’s attention to such an extent that the after-effects will last and last.

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What happens on a SPIF day?

Centred around incentives, SPIF days are generally launched by an event manager on-site speaking directly to the sales team, and often without warning, to create maximum impact.

The entire day will be focused on your brand, your messaging, your USPs, with intensive training to ensure that the team is fully informed and primed to sell.

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And to motivate them on getting it right, spot prizes, leaderboards, targets and bags of enthusiasm from the event manager.

  • SPIF days are very good at generating healthy competition, with leaderboards making sure every seller knows their position in the rankings throughout the day. The need to beat your closest rival, or simply be the one who comes out on top, is a significant driver of effort.
  • Spot prizes, every hour or at designated intervals, give an added push to get that next deal sealed. Plus setting individual and team targets for the day will create a focused objective and drive the need to succeed.
  • Throughout the day, your event manager will ramp up and maintain energy levels so that the whole event is buzzing. Games and activities can be used to break up the selling periods, or the distribution of snacks and drinks.
  • Laying on lunch for the team adds to the incentives and generate positivity, and keeps everyone on-site, so momentum isn’t broken by people popping out. A team lunch is also an opportunity to catch up on the day so far, compare notes and talk about how they are finding it. This generally adds to the buzzy atmosphere and keeps interest high.
  • A prize-giving and wind up session at the end of the day allows everyone to come back together, celebrate successes and chat about how the day has gone for them. It’s the ideal way to conclude proceedings, boost team spirit and contemplate the fun and success of the day.

And look what happens at the end of a SPIF day …

Not only will sales have rocketed on the day, your sales team will be feeling extremely motivated by your efforts and keen to keep generating sales for you.

Plus, the intense training and focus will have left them well-prepared and perfectly placed to communicate your product and sell, sell, sell.

To keep reminding everyone about your brand and the day of fun that they all enjoyed, the strategic distribution of a few branded products during the event is a very good idea. These might be mugs, beanies, pens, USBs… whatever it is, it will be a lasting presence on a desk or in the kitchen, a constant and lasting reminder of your brand and participants’ SPIF day success.

They are the ultimate way to engage with your sales team – fun, dynamic and full of instant rewards. Plus, everyone likes to be good at their job, and the training and focus of a SPIF day leaves sales staff completely prepared and all set for a good performance in the weeks and months to come.

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