Finding a theme for your SPIF day

Posted by Jo Kelly

Your SPIF day is an opportunity to both engage and reward your staff in a variety of ways. But how do you decide on the right way to go about your specific sales floor day?

Show that you know your staff

If you can provide a SPIF day that motivates your staff to reach and beat targets while also demonstrating that you understand your own corporate culture and the interests of your staff, then it’s sure to be more of a success than a SPIF day that doesn’t show engagement with your staff’s interests and personalities.

For example, if your team predominantly enjoys football, then a football oriented SPIF day might be better for generating engagement and enthusiasm from your staff. And more enthusiasm means more of a desire to succeed, which itself encourages more friendly competition and rivalry.

Whatever theme you choose, there are many ways you can go about creating a sense of competition. Football fans? Separate your staff into groups, have them dress up in their favourite football team’s kit, and create some form of league table to gauge successes – the three best performing teams earn  a trip to the football game of their choice, or, for example, a dinner hosted by football legends.

Comic book fans? Involve some fancy dress and create a “Heroes VS Villains” opposition with prizes for the best costume. If Formula 1 is a passion, add some racing car simulators in the office, with the fastest lap times winning Hospitality tickets to a race.

Teams create a sense of unity and promote friendly competition. This can help staff to have a bit more fun at work, and feel more engaged with their job. It allows staff members to have a laugh with their co-workers and clients in equal measure.

Giving staff the opportunity to combine their hobbies and interests with an incentive to push ahead and beat their targets can lead to long term improvements in the morale and performance of your staff.

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Build the theme around the incentives

A simple way to decide on your theme is what your incentive rewards are going to be. This can work in tandem with demonstrating awareness of your staff’s interests as well.

For example, football fans will obviously appreciate a football themed SPIF day, but they’re not likely to be as thrilled about the day if their eventual reward is a day at the spa, for example.

The prize on offer should have a relevant connection to your staff and the event.

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Tickets to a football match would be a far more appropriate reward for football fans, and they would be eager to compete against each other to get the chance to see their favourite team in action.

You could consider a particularly extravagant reward by providing places on an incentive travel trip abroad to an inspiring destination, for the winners, and have your theme be based around your location country’s culture. For an added twist to the occasion, tell your staff about the SPIF day, but leave them to piece together the reward as they come to the office. Arriving at work one morning to see a Spanish buffet laid out, supervisors dressed in seasonal holiday gear, a freshly decorated office, etc. will be sure to leave your staff elated once they realise a holiday is up for grabs.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a SPIF day that is both interesting and rewarding to your staff, as well as beneficial to company culture as a whole.

Helping you put together the perfect SPIF day 

There’s a lot of thought and effort that can be put into organising an unforgettable SPIF day for your staff, whether it’s smaller personal touches to the day, or creating an overall theme that makes the day as entertaining as it is rewarding.

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