Do you need a DIY or managed SPIF day event?

Posted by Jo Kelly

A SPIF day is a high-energy promotional event held on the sales floor to ramp up enthusiasm and motivation. Also known as Hype Days or Sales Floor Walks, they have an inclusive approach that blends high energy activities with incentives and training.

SPIF stands for Sales, Promotion, Incentives and Fun, and are generally used to motivate staff, boost product and service knowledge, and ultimately maximise sales. Ideal for supporting a new product launch or to invigorate new teams following a round of recruitment, SPIF days really lift team spirit and ensure that your staff really know their stuff.

These corporate events can be run in numerous ways, and can be adapted to suit all manner of companies, as no two organisations have the same requirements. Actually, with this in mind, we’ve developed various options that companies can utilise when they want to reap the benefits of a SPIF day on their own unique sales floor.

The Kit Box approach

Our Kit Box approach is perfectly suited to smaller scale sales floors or smaller budgets. Once we’ve established your requirements, we create a bespoke Kit Box especially for your business. This is dispatched to you along with advice and instructions, so that you can set up your SPIF day in-house using your own resources to run it.

The contents vary depending on the objectives, but for example they might include branded collateral (bunting, balloons and t-shirts) to create a party atmosphere on the sales floor, which keeps the company brand and messaging top of mind and creates a unified approach.

Or it might focus on branded giveaways (cups, pens, mouse-mats or stressballs), again placing emphasis on company branding.

Alternatively you might choose to focus on the incentives approach, with a SPIF day Kit Box that contains prizes of vouchers or instant point codes, to be given out to high-performing staff during the day.

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The SPIF day event manager approach

A SPIF day is an ideal way to kick off an incentive programme or period, and focus attention on the launch. This would involve having an event manager on-site to set up and manage the event, ensuring it runs smoothly throughout.

A day like this is scalable and can include a vast range of elements depending on how extravagant or simple you want your SPIF day to be. Branded collateral can be positioned across the sales floor, including bunting, balloons, product boxes, pull-ups, posters and so on.

In addition prizes are a very useful motivational tool, encouraging participants to work harder to hit their targets in order to achieve one of the prizes on offer. This helps to generate a bit of healthy competition between teams, which can also be created by running interactive games as part of the event.

Bringing in food carts to lay on lunch can add to the convivial atmosphere and maintain momentum, rather than having people leaving to go and grab their lunch. Branded giveaways are also common, with items like mugs, pens and mouse mats freely distributed and left as a reminder of the brand or product after the event and to keep the feelgood factor alive.

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Why SPIF days work

Maintaining enthusiasm and performance during a lengthy incentive period can be challenging and SPIF days can be immensely useful in this instance too. Run very much like a launch day, a momentum day helps to keep energy levels high and refocuses sales teams on their targets. Many of the same tactics are put into play, including branded collateral, giveaways and spot prizes, and even the food carts, perhaps with a different cuisine to mix it up a bit.

Sometimes activities used on the launch day can be reintroduced as a last chance scenario, perhaps an interactive game, whereby sales team have an opportunity to boost their final scores, making the period competitive to the end.

It is possible to combine these different approaches, depending on what you feel your business needs. Some organisations choose to kick things off internally using a kit box, and then prefer to use an event manager to run a momentum day to keep up the hype and create a tangible presence on the sales floor. It’s all about maximising impact within your parameters; timing, space, participant numbers and so on, and this is where expertise can tailor your SPIF day to work hard for your budget.

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