Where to start with Partnerships?

Posted by Jackie Dyal

Good partnerships are the cornerstone of any successful business.

Laying the foundations of, and continuing to create, mutually beneficial partnerships such as with your resellers, stockists and referrers, can be a fantastic way to take both your business and the businesses you work with onto greater success.

The recipe to start building a successful partnership starts with Synergy, Networking (Introductions), Mutual Benefits and a Desire to do so:

Partnership alignment

Some companies are not always necessarily the ‘right fit’ as a partner, even if you have a good relationship with them.  Having an initial synergy is a good starting point to explore any gaps or challenges in a business proposition.  It’s important to know the ‘rules of engagement’ and sit and consider how a proposition may look in a partnership arrangement

Strong relationships

Come easy or difficult, an introduction to someone that synergises well with your business can lead to great things! It certainly could take your business into a whole new field or level of success.  As with marriage, you know from your first date if it’s worth investing more time into. If so, you nurture it.  Before you know it, it’s a marriage made in heaven…but, that said, good relationships still need work over time to keep them going strong.

Some companies are not always necessarily the ‘right fit’ as a partner, even if you have a good relationship with them

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Solid agreements

You’ve established how the proposition works, you talk the same language, but is there something in it for both parties?  Partnerships work when there is a mutual benefit, otherwise one of the two partners won’t be as motivated.  Agreeing where the mutual benefit lies and what the terms of the Partnership are will both be key to formalising an agreement, making everyone feel secure and on the same page.

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Ability to ‘make it possible’

Passion, desire and an excitement to see change as part of a Partnership all have to be present in order to get results.  Where there is a desire, a relationship and a proposition that works, the final piece of the puzzle is to create an enablement plan that makes it possible.  This means frequent communication with relevant people, a toolkit of resources to support the proposition and a helping hand on call when needed.

Some careful thought and planning has positively led us to where we are today.  By living through experiences and building our own development business from the ground up, we now have people knocking at the door to use our market-leading products, hence the need to formalise our Partnership Division and create some great relationships with both resellers and referrers.

Benefiting both your and your partners’ businesses through strategic partnerships

Strong relationships with your partners can be a fantastic asset to any business, especially when those relationships provide mutual benefit to everyone involved. CR Worldwide’s Strategic Partnerships & Alliances (SPA) division:

  • Enables innovative companies to take advantage of our award-winning services and products
  • Creates partnerships designed to let you draw upon our experience and resources as and when you require
  • Helps to complement your campaigns, improve engagement levels, increase performance and reward positive behaviours at the same time

If you’d like to find out more, visit our SPA Division page. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

Jackie joined CR Worldwide in 2010. During that time, she has worked as Campaign Manager, Project Manager, Head of Digital Projects, and Head of Digital Strategy (for HR and sales performance programs). She was promoted to Head of Partnerships in 2018.