Why should employers invest in incentive travel?

Posted by Jo Kelly

The introduction of incentive travel into your employee incentive programme can bring big benefits and have a significant impact on results. Incentive schemes are a proven approach to motivating staff and boosting performance and, for the greatest impact, rewards should be as desirable as possible.

Incentive travel can be applied strategically, to achieve various objectives depending on the project underway or the outcome required.

  • Channel partner incentives – actively involving your partners to prioritise your product.
  • Sales incentives – encourage salespeople to promote and sell a designated product.
  • Employee engagement – engaging with your staff to enhance productivity.

If you want to bring the benefits of incentive travel into your business, you might encounter some resistance from colleagues who cannot see how a holiday is a sensible allocation of budget, especially when funds need to be split carefully across an entire organisation.

Below we’ve compiled a list the genuine business benefits of incentive travel to companies large and small to help you win them over.

1. Hit business targets

Incentive travel provides a compelling reason for staff to alter their work habits and behaviours. As such a desirable reward, it creates focus and motivates individuals to reconsider their targets and how they will reach them.

In short, staff will want to achieve their sales targets in order to attain their holiday reward, so they will need to work hard, sell more and consequently performance improves, and so do your business results. This also leads to an enhanced working environment, as morale will be high and team relationships positive.

Incentive travel can actually be used to heighten this effect and work to improve team spirit by incorporating team building activities. A break away with colleagues can do wonders for relationships; bonding in the relaxed environment of a holiday creates interaction that will continue back in the workplace.

Whatever kind of holiday the reward might be, for an individual team member or a target-winning team, it gives staff the chance to take a break from work, relax and de-stress, so they return to work recharged and ready to undertake a fresh challenge.

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2. Include everyone

Holidays appeal to everyone, and receiving a holiday as a gift or reward will make it all the more enticing. When it comes to rewards and incentives, despite the attraction that a straightforward cash bonus holds, holidays remain top of the wanted list. Money disappears all too quickly, whereas the chance to travel, take a break and have an experience is much more valuable and long-lasting in terms of memories and enjoyment. Even more when it’s a gift that the employee needn’t finance themselves!

3. Make memories

Holidays create positive memories that travel home with us, creating a happy afterglow. When it comes to incentive travel, these happy memories are inextricably linked to your business as the holiday has come about because of the individual’s hard work and effort.

The employee is certain to be left feeling that their dedication and application was all worthwhile and will want to continue working hard for your business. It’s also likely that word of mouth will play its part, conveying positive feedback amongst staff, so your incentive scheme is widely perceived as a genuine and attractive prospect that is worth working hard for.

4. Enhance loyalty

Having received a reward of such high value, any recipient of an incentive travel reward is likely to feel very loyal to and aligned with their employer. A reward like this demonstrates a huge amount of appreciation, so the employee feels they are a valued member of the team. We all like to make a difference at work, and this level of recognition leads to even greater motivation, as it is natural to want to do well for a company that you value.

In this way, your most effective, target-hitting staff are encouraged to remain with your organisation rather than look elsewhere, as they feel valued and rewarded. Incentive travel is a significant bonus for any employee.

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5. Scale your programme to match your budget

An important selling point is the fact that incentive travel can be tailored to suit any budget, and so can be put to work for any organisation. Whether you choose a weekend getaway within the UK or and all expenses paid luxury vacation, the reward can fit your parameters.

Similarly, if you require numerous options to reward tiered achievements or seniority levels, incentive travel is flexible and can help your rewards scheme work around budgets and employee preferences. A holiday remains a valuable treat, regardless of destination.

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Jo has worked at CR Worldwide as Events Operations Director since 2004. She is responsible for scoping and delivering all types of events, for clients of all sizes, globally. She manages the division’s team who organise and execute award-winning events – ranging from one-off sales floor days, corporate hospitality events and incentive travel trips, to annual conferences and partner summits.