Where should staff stay on an incentive trip?

Posted by Jo Kelly

When planning an incentive trip to reward your staff, it’s particularly important that you give a lot of thought to finding the perfect accommodation.

The right accommodation can make your incentive travel even more memorable, and can play a big part in ensuring staff’s comfort, enjoyment and convenience throughout the length of their stay. With that in mind, here are some thoughts on where staff should stay on an incentive trip.

Convenient locations

When taking your staff on an exotic incentive travel trip, one of the key things you should consider is where the accommodation is located.

For example, is there suitable accommodation in your chosen destination that’s also close to the main activities you plan to do there? If not, how easily can you organise travel around the area, such as hiring a private minibus for your staff?

Thinking about the distance between your hotel and each part of your trip’s itinerary can help you find accommodation that meets your needs. It can also allow staff to spend more time enjoying themselves during the trip, instead of having to do a lot of traveling.

It might be that you can very easily organise luxury travel in comfort for all your staff throughout the trip. Or you could opt for a hotel that’s right in the heart of a city, or choose to stay in an all-inclusive resort where travelling around might not be necessary. However you decide to do it, planning and preparing well in advance will help you ensure every second of your trip is memorable and enjoyable for your employees.

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To really take your incentive travel experience to the next level, looking for accommodation that emphasises luxury at every turn is one way to do exactly that.

For example, perhaps you could look for a five-star hotel that also has a high-quality restaurant on site. This turns your staff’s luxury accommodation into an eminent and elegant dining experience too. You might also look for a picturesque hotel, like near a lake or river’s edge, which will provide breathtaking views and inspiring scenery for your staff to enjoy.

Also, consider thinking about what events and activities your staff will be experiencing during their incentive trip, and how their accommodation could make it even more luxurious. If you’re sending staff to a weekend-long festival, for instance, you could hire camping pods instead of using regular tents. This gives staff their own electricity, and camping luxuries like beds with foam mattresses, making the trip even more luxurious.

There’s a lot you could do to make sure your accommodation stands out from the crowd.

Consider your business type, what you know about your staff and what they might prefer in their accommodation.

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For example, if you’re a company that works in technology, or your staff have a keen interest in the subject, you could look for hotels that make technology a key part of their brand. These hotels could provide things like:

  • An automated check-in via a mobile app
  • Interactive maps that highlight local landmarks or interesting experiences
  • Controlling room lighting, heating and televisions through an app

Features like this can really help to add value to your incentive travel, as well as show that you’ve given some thought to planning and organising your trip. This can make staff feel valued as an employee, and motivated and inspired to work harder to do more for you when they return the office.

Unique accommodation and unique experiences

Accommodation that fits well with your destination or is unique can be a fantastic way to make an incentive trip even more special.

Iceland, for example, is a truly eye-catching and memorable destination, filled with unique mountain ranges, natural spas, and age-old glaciers. Instead of staying in a conventional hotel, you could consider staying in something like a glass-roofed igloo. This would provide staff with a perfect view of the Icelandic skies – and perhaps even the Northern Lights.

Some choices of accommodation might be a great way for you to better experience more of a country’s long and storied history too. Many European countries have examples of historic castles that have been restored and transformed into hotels of eminent luxury. France and Germany are two examples of countries that offer this wonderfully unique and historic style of accommodation, which your staff could experience during your next incentive trip.

How CR Worldwide can help you plan the perfect incentive trip

There’s a lot to consider when planning a memorable incentive trip that’s filled with interesting and unique experiences. Where your staff stay is a crucial element to consider, as it’s where they begin and end each day of the trip.

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