Top incentive travel planning tips

Posted by Jo Kelly

Careful planning of an incentive travel trip should be a crucial step in organising a good incentive programme – an event which could take place at the end of the incentive period to maintain momentum, or incentivise and reward your staff.

Working out the details of your trip, such as a location, a season to travel, and the activities the trip entails, can help benefit the planning of the incentive itself.

We outline the top tips to consider when planning an incentive travel trip.

Where in the world? 

The first major decision when planning any incentive travel programme is to decide on a location.

Are you staying close to home with a trip to a UK destination, like a visit to Edinburgh incorporating a visit to the Festival Fringe for the weekend? Or are you pushing the boat out and looking at a location much further afield? This could be anything, from skiing in Austria to whale watching in Canada, or visiting a technology showcase in Tokyo. The options are limitless.

When are you going?

The time of year you decide to take staff on your trip is key. This should be at a time when you can manage with fewer staff, so the run up to Christmas or other peak trading time isn’t necessarily the best option for retail teams, for example.

Picking the time of year carefully to allow access to specific seasonal activities, for example, is also a great way to help organise parts of your trip. You might take advantage of the summer season in Croatia, for instance, or you could time your trip to coincide with a major trade event. Looking at events throughout the year that could be of benefit to your business, or interest to your staff, is a good way to start putting together your incentive programme.

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What are you doing? 

There’s no point jetting off to a distant corner of the globe if you have nothing to do when you get there.

As we’ve mentioned, timing your trip to coincide with an event provides at least one activity to reward your staff. You should also decide what else is going to happen or how much free time the trip will entail. City breaks, for example, can involve a range of activities for staff to enjoy, from seeing attractions, sightseeing and guided tours as a group to the opportunity for them to explore and shop at their own pace.

The demographics of the incentive winners will also make an impact on the type of activities that are organised on the trip. A group of 20-somethings may like a fun packed trip to Ibiza to go clubbing, enjoy watersports, or boat trips. Whereas a older group may enjoy the luxury and culture a destination like Rome or Stockholm can offer.

How many people are going?

Another important factor to consider when planning an incentive travel trip is to think about the number of people attending. This influences the size of the trip and can have a major impact on the accommodation you choose and travel costs.

You could take the top sales people from a selection of company stores or a whole team on your incentive trip. The scale of the trip can also be a deciding factor in how your incentive programme operates.

Is it a team effort or are you rewarding the individual? Making the distinction between who is and isn’t going on the trip can help influence such decisions.

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How Corporate Rewards can help plan your incentive travel trip

With incentive travel there is a huge range of choice when it comes to deciding on the sort of trip you want to offer your employees. From thrill-seeking holidays to conventions and city breaks, there are so many options it can be hard to make a decision.

Keeping the who, what, where, and when of a trip in mind can pay dividends when trying to finalise your incentive travel.

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