Top incentive travel destinations for 2017

Posted by Jo Kelly

When thinking about the best incentive travel destinations to take your employees, we think it’s wise to pick those that can give your staff a special and unique experience, rather than just resorting to the most common and popular places.

These are destinations which your employees might not have thought about visiting, might not know much about, or otherwise, might never get the chance to experience. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of the best destinations you should consider for your incentive travel in 2017.

Giving your staff the best incentive travel experience

From sunny Seville to Iceland’s Reykjavik, this year we have a whole host of top incentive travel destinations to help you create the ideal experience for your staff. Whether it’s to reward your top performers, treat your hardworking team, or end a tough sales incentives programme, we are confident these top destinations and the unique activities they offer will give your employees an incentive travel experience to remember.   

Banff, Canada 

With its range of snow sport-style activities, from skiing and snowboarding to canyon ice walks, this destination could be ideal to take your staff in the winter months of 2017. The picturesque resort town is located within the stunning Banff National Park – one of five spectacular national parks, which, together, stretch across 180,000 square kilometres and form the Canadian Rockies.

Your staff could experience an ice walk through the breathtaking Johnston Canyon, enjoy dog sledding by the frozen glacial waters of Lake Louise, or have a go at snow tubing at Mount Norquay. And if they need to take a breather, employees can always relax and take in Banff’s stunning scenery of landscapes, forests and meadows.

Chicago, US 

With a striking skyline to rival New York, impressive bold architecture, defining food culture and museums, Chicago could be a great choice for incentive travel if you’re looking for a big, vibrant, city experience. One of the US’s largest cities, there is plenty for your staff to see and do.

Employees could take in amazing views from the Skydeck of the Willis Tower – once the tallest building in the world. Or they could experience kayaking across Lake Michigan, referred to as one of the great lakes of North America. Other unmissable activities include a city tour by Segway at night, and a bus tour designed around the city’s most defining food, pizza. 

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Jaipur, India 

The capital of Indian state Rajasthan can offer some exotic experiences for incentive travel. Great for a visit in Spring or Autumn, this historical city is full of colour, culture and architecture. From watching a match of elephant polo to strolling through the city street bazaars, it can provide visitors with a taste of Indian life, alongside once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Activities your employees could experience include exploring the city and its surroundings by elephant, or taking a hot air balloon flight to see the stunning views of nearby city Udaipur. Other highlights include a visit to the impressive City Palace, home of the former royal family, and seeing the breathtaking sights of the blue buildings of the city, Jodhpur.    

Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital of a country known as the land of fire and ice, Reykjavik could make a top destination for your incentive travel this year. From husky sledge rides through the snow to quad-biking across glaciers to soaking up the hot waters of a geothermal spa, there are many activities, both exhilarating and relaxing, to experience in this remarkable city.

Other thrilling highlights for your staff to enjoy include taking a trip to Iceland’s iconic Gullfoss waterfall and the geothermal geysers of the famous Golden Circle. They could also experience ice climbing up Europe’s largest glaciers and witness the magical sights of the spectacular Northern Lights.

Seville, Spain

This, the capital of the Andalucía region of Spain, is known for its sunny climate and flamenco dancing.

But, with the city recently benefitting from an influx of contemporary art, food and fashion, such as boutiques and tapas restaurants, there is so much more on offer to make this a great incentive travel destination.

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From visiting the stunning gothic cathedral to enjoying horse-drawn carriage rides and wine tasting experiences, there’s plenty for your staff to relish. Key activities could include a visit to the royal palace, Alcázar of Seville, or a boat ride on the blue waters of the Guadalquivir River. And of course there’s always the chance to catch one of Seville’s popular flamenco shows.   

Santorini, Greece 

This stunning volcanic Greek island, situated at the heart of the Aegean Sea, is famous for its blue-domed buildings, crystal clear waters and sunsets and could be ideal for a luxurious smaller incentive travel experience. With its striking white, black and red pebbled beaches, archaeological sites, wineries, and vibrant nightlife, this beautiful island has much to offer.

Your employees could be treated to one of Santorini’s famous wine tasting and vineyard tours, or enjoy a trip to see the volcanic parts of the island and its lesser known hot springs. They could also take a caldera cruise to experience the unforgettable coastal sights by sea, or visit the whitewashed buildings of the picture postcard towns, Fira and Oia.

These are just some of the top incentive travel destinations for you to take your staff this year. There are plenty of others to consider, both faraway and closer to home, including:

Rome – Wining and dining, sightseeing and cooking lessons in Italy’s stunning cosmopolitan historical capital

Singapore – Swimming with dolphins and experiencing a night safari in southern Malaysia’s tropical island city-state

Stockholm – Ice skating, cocktail making and a sunset safari across Sweden’s capital, made up of 14 islands

Texas – Helicopter rides, motor speedway driving, and horseback trail rides across the southern US state   

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