Planning your corporate ski trip

Posted by Jo Kelly

Corporate ski trips can provide great incentive travel experiences for staff during winter seasons.

You can hold one to reward your top performing employees, incentivise sales staff to boost performance on the run up to the Christmas sales period, or motivate your teams to start a new year all fired up and slalom through the season.

Although we’ve reached the start of summer, now is a good time to start thinking ahead and planning a corporate ski trip to help incentivise your staff this winter. So what should you think about when planning a corporate ski trip to make sure your staff, and in turn your business, get the most out of it? This blog post aims to help.

Budget and destination

It’s first a good idea to think about your budget and how much you’re willing to spend on your ski trip. Will your money stretch to fly to an exotic winter destination, like Canada, or is it more financially viable to travel closer to home, to France or Austria? How long you want the trip to be – discussed below – and whether it will take place over a weekend or during work time, can also help you to choose the best suited location.

On choosing your destination, you should also think about flight logistics – where are your guests travelling from, for instance? Direct flights and quick transfers are easier to manage and will ensure your delegates will achieve a much better overall trip experience.

Depending on how many activities you want to do while on your trip, or whether guests could share hotels rooms, for example, to help savour your budget, are also key to consider.

It’s also worth thinking about fitting your trip with an incentives theme. A staff incentives programme with a French theme and a trip to Paris in the summer, for example, would fit in nicely with a trip to a French ski resort in the winter.

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Trip duration and time of year

The length of your trip is also important, especially if are considering a stay at a faraway international ski resort. You should also make sure that your trip isn’t too short, so that they don’t have much time for skiing and feel short-changed. Or so long that your employees feel ready to come home. It’s a good idea to instead leave them wanting more. This can help them feel even more motivated for future incentive reward schemes that you offer.

The time of year you hold your trip is also important. You should pick a time when there is guaranteed snowfall at the destination of your choice.

Selecting the right time of season is also something to think about to make sure your staff get the most from the trip.

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For instance, the start of the season might be uncomfortably cold for novice skiers, while during the half term Easter school holidays is likely to be very busy and more expensive. At Christmas time, employees are also more likely to want to spend time with their families and enjoy the sales during the festive period, so hosting the trip during January to March is a prime time for peak skiing.

Resort and facilities  

When planning a corporate ski trip, it’s also a good idea to think about the type of ski resort that’s best for you staff. For instance, are your employees mainly novice or experienced skiers, young or older, or reserved or outgoing? This can help you decide if you should choose a resort that’s aimed at beginners or advanced skiers. You can also know whether or not to select one that offers an apres-ski experience, with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants.

It’s also wise to look at ski trip incentives like the range of facilities a resort has to offer. Are there a series of fast and slow ski slopes, with low and high levels of difficulty, to suit beginners while challenging your more skilled skiing staff? You might also want to check if there is access to other fun winter sports and activities, such as snowboarding and tobogganing, which can add to the experience.

Helping you with planning your winter incentive travel

An exciting ski trip is just one example of a type of winter incentive travel experience that can work well for your business – from thanking top performers to motivating employees to helping boost staff loyalty and longevity.

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