Incentive travel trips that entertain

Posted by Jo Kelly

If you offer your staff an incentive travel trip as a reward, you should make sure it’s fun and memorable. You should also aim to ensure staff are engaged and motivated, and remember that the event is a driving force to work harder.

We highlight some of the things to keep in mind that can provide incentive travel trips that are guaranteed to entertain your staff.

What sort of entertainment?

Entertainment could be a core focus of your trip, such as rewarding your staff for a period of hard work and giving them a chance to let their hair down.

This could involve different types of entertainment, including:

  • Gigs
  • Sporting events
  • Stand-up comedy nights
  • Casino trips
  • Nights out
  • VIP cinema trips

Deciding on how you want to entertain your staff can help decide on the overall theme for your incentive travel trip. It can also help you decide on a location. Something film-based for example, could encompass a cinema trip or a premiere. Or it could involve a much larger trip to an overseas film festival or to Hollywood.

Entertainment should give you the chance to unwind and enjoy yourself. So finding the right activities and destination is key to creating an incentive travel trip that’s bound to entertain your team.

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Popular attractions

You can entertain your staff by providing access to famous and world-renowned attractions. For example, on an incentive trip to Paris you can take in famous sites, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. This lets your staff experience the typical tourist attractions and get a sense of being on holiday, helping them to relax and feel like they are being rewarded.

Popular attractions can also be used help promote your incentive programme. Recognisable landmarks help put a location front of mind with employees, helping them to focus and understand the potential prize they are working towards.

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Something unusual

If you want to make a trip more memorable, consider doing something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Take Paris, for example. If you want to do something a little bit different, consider exploring the Catacombs of Paris or spending a night at the Moulin Rouge. While popular tourist destinations, they are a little bit more unexpected in comparison to taking in Notre Dame or the Champs Elysees.

Your trip could be designed to take your team out of their comfort zone. Doing something really unusual can be a fantastic addition to a team-building event too.

Taking staff to places a bit more out of the ordinary can help to create a sense of adventure, giving them the opportunity to be entertained by the unexpected. This can help to create unique experiences, challenging staff to try something daring, like white water rafting or zip-wiring, while building great memories as a team.

Creating an incentive trip, designed to entertain, can help staff to relax and unwind. It can help them to recharge after a period of heavy trading or after successfully winning an employee incentive.

Not only that, but it helps them to know that your business rewards hard work, which can motivate them to even greater successes in your company.

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