Incentive travel trips that educate

Posted by Jo Kelly

Incentive travel trips shouldn’t just be about rewarding staff for their hard work. When done well, these experiences can educate your employees to do a better job for you in the office, in the sales department, or on the shop floor, when they return.

From trips to build company knowledge to providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to improve staff’s daily performance, we show you how incentive travel can be used to educate your employees.  

Benefits of incentive travel that educates employees 

There are many benefits to adding an educational element to an incentive travel trip. It can:

  • Build an employee’s key business and industry knowledge
  • Make staff more skilled and qualified to do specific jobs
  • Improve employees’ attitude to their work
  • Make staff feel an important of your business and industry
  • Make employees feel equipped and fired up to perform better for you

Building knowledge of your business

Incentive travel trips can be used to build your staff’s knowledge of your company. This can also help them appreciate the full scale of your operation – allowing them to see the bigger picture. This could include building knowledge of particular clients, your business values and products.

You can do this by choosing an incentive travel destination close to a site that’s relevant to your business. This could involve giving your staff a tour of an international factory where products are made that your sales team sells. They could also be shown round a distribution centre, which distributes your products, or taken to see the head office of your flagship client.

After such visits you could test your staff’s new knowledge with a fun quiz. The winner could even receive a prize that they can enjoy during the incentive travel trip, like a meal in a local restaurant.

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Learning about your industry

As well as learning about your business, it can be inspiring for employees to learn about the industry your company operates in. This could involve learning about the history of the sector, the biggest global players, the latest news and developments, trends, issues and challenges in your industry.

To do this, you could hold your incentive trip at the same place and time of your industry’s big annual international conference and exhibition. That way you could include a day at the conference during the trip. You could also visit a museum that’s relevant to your sector or industry products.

For instance, if you’re in computing, perhaps there is a technology museum that would educate and inspire your staff.

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Activities to train and build key skills

An incentive travel trip can also be used to build skills across your company teams in key areas. This could include better sales techniques, approaches to team working and problem solving, and styles of communication.

In addition to providing a trip to an exotic overseas destination, for example, you could include an away day focussed on skill building. This could include outdoor activities where they can take part in physical challenges and brain-taxing puzzles to help them with problem solving and improve how they work in teams.

Experiences to perform better

Organising activities that create exciting experiences for your staff can also be used to educate them to perform better on their return to work. Important skills that help with day-to-day performance at work, like following instructions, multi-tasking, leadership, team-building and trusting colleagues, can be focussed on in once-in-a-lifetime-style experiences. They can also help boost confidence and self-esteem.

For example, you could include sailing or white water rafting to focus on how staff work with their colleagues. You could also include abseiling to help boost confidence and encourage staff to trust their colleagues, or orienteering to focus on multi-tasking.

How we can help you with incentive travel trips 

From educating your employees about your business to inspiring staff to work harder for you, incentive travel can be used in many ways. Our team at CR Events can work with you to create the best incentive travel experience so you can to get the most from your staff and, in turn, improve your business.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate and inspire your team with our innovative incentive travel services. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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