Incentive travel rewards in Icelandic winter

Posted by Jo Kelly

Iceland is an exceptionally beautiful country, with a wealth of attractions and activities for the adventurous visitor to take part in and enjoy. Thanks to the wide range of things on offer an incentive travel reward trip here will certainly prove to be a uniquely unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

To help you plan out a memorable experience for your staff, we’ve highlighted just a few of the things you could experience during your time in Iceland.

Seeking out the northern Lights

As one of the most unique natural wonders of the world, seeing the Northern Lights is sure to be an entirely unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. While conditions do have to be just right for the Northern Lights to light up the skies, even just trying to catch a glimpse of them will be a memorable experience. You can even choose to take part in organised group tours which will take you out further into the countryside so you can get an even clearer picture of the night sky. Stay in a glass top igloo, so you can witness the Northern Lights roll across the sky while you relax in the utmost comfort.

Perhaps seeing the Northern Lights is particularly high on your to-do list, but even if it isn’t, the journeys you take out into nature can be unique in themselves. Snowmobile tours, for example, will let you zip across the ice and snow in exhilarating fashion, while letting you take in the views of the surrounding plains and mountains.

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Relaxation in nature

Iceland provides some fantastic opportunities to help your team relax and unwind. You could offer your staff a relaxing local spa day, or you could whisk them away to Iceland and experience all-natural relaxation in a stunningly unique location.

Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon is a spa built around a natural pool. Even in the coldest of winters, constant geothermal heat keeps the water consistently inviting and relaxing at around 36 to 39 Celsius. They also offer invigorating treatments that last up to two hours, as your skin is scrubbed and exfoliated using a combination of minerals and oils, treated with an algae or silica wrap, before finishing with a full-body massage, all performed while you float in their relaxing waters. What better way to relax than in naturally hot waters, surrounded by some one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world?

If you’d like to learn a little of Iceland’s history, they also provide a guided tour, which will take you through the role of volcanic activity in Iceland’s geography, covering such topics as how geothermal energy warms their pool all year round, and about the volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago that led to the creation of this lagoon.

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Taking in the sights 

Whether it’s in the water, on the water, or simply just near it, Iceland’s natural beauty can offer a variety of amazing experiences for all your staff.

For example, alongside the Northern Lights, there’s a lot more iconic natural beauty always available for sightseeing. Gullfoss Waterfall – the ‘Golden Waterfall’ – is one of Iceland’s, and the world’s, most impressive waterfalls, and it is sure to provide a uniquely impressive look at the forces of nature. For a more explosive look at nature, the ‘Strokkur’ Geyser is a consistently impressive sight, erupting once every 6-10 minutes.

Whale watching could certainly be one of the most memorable ways to end an incentive trip in Iceland. During the winter, trips depart every day at 1pm from Reykjavik’s harbour. During your time on the water, it’s possible to meet over 20 species of whale, including Orcas, Humpbacks, or even the Blue Whale. Coming face-to-face with Nature’s largest creature is sure to be the defining experience of the trip.


Capital city Reykjavík is truly the gateway to Iceland, and many day trips can be taken from the city to the surrounding mountains, glaciers, volcanos and hotsprings. Day-excursions from Reykjavík include horseback riding, glacier climbing, river rafting, caving, whale watching, and more. Meanwhile, downtown, in the city’s museums, galleries, theatres, cafés, and swimming pools, busy locals bustle about with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. At the restaurants downtown, local ingredients are served fresh with delicious lamb, seafood or wild game.

Helping you plan a winter retreat in Iceland

Such a historic country as Iceland can provide a wealth of unforgettable and unique experiences that are sure to leave your staff in awe, and immensely grateful, helping to keep your staff engaged and loyal to your business for a long time to come.

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