How incentive travel makes a memorable experience which reaps future business rewards

Posted by Jo Kelly

Without a doubt, incentive travel is a highly effective part of a company’s rewards and incentives programme.

The most successful programmes offer a range of prizes for staff to choose from, and the inclusion of travel within the prize catalogue allows staff to aim for the big win. Holidays are a desirable commodity, so the promise of a free vacation in exchange for hard work and hitting targets is an extreme motivator – particularly effective because, rather than being a material object or financial bonus, it provides the participant with a meaningful and memorable experience.

The fact that incentive travel is such a scalable reward makes it a very useful one for businesses to use. It can be tiered to offer to various levels of employee or according to the significance of the targets to be met. In this way, the most appealing destinations or experiences on offer can be the most beneficial to the business, as staff will understand that to win that holiday of a lifetime some serious hard work will have to be put in.

It follows then, that choosing rare or exciting travel incentives will foster the greatest results generating anticipation and the desire to win the holiday: positive feelings in themselves!

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Worthwhile experiences = great motivation

It’s worth considering what the people in your business do with their leisure time, so you can offer a destination they’ll desperately want to visit. For example, you could cater for those with a love of skiing as well as sun worshippers, and city breaks for those with a love of culture and history.

In this vein, it’s worth considering holidays that are about the experiences on offer rather than just the destination. We’re all familiar with experiential gifts like spa days and race track visits; incorporated into a holiday, these become even more appealing.

While you can offer rewards for individuals, sometimes it’s beneficial to remember families too: those who have to accommodate the late nights of overtime. An amazing family holiday, like a trip to Lapland as Christmas approaches, would be a surefire motivator.

Lasting effects

Incentive travel can also be used as a business benefit in other ways, perhaps rewarding a whole team and arranging a group holiday. This can do wonders for team-building and networking, creating a camaraderie that will travel back to the office with them and make for an even more efficient performance going forward. Plus the shared memories will be a talking point that creates a buzz in the office, making it clear to other staff members that these incentive travel experiences are worth working for. It’s a form of internal marketing that you can’t buy outright, and is very effective.

The provision of a premium reward like incentive travel also speaks volumes about your company culture and demonstrates to your staff that you care about them and their wellbeing. An employee that feels valued and looked after will be engaged, loyal and keen to work hard for the benefit of your business.

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The true cost and value of incentive travel rewards

This is all good news so far, but if you think that the cost of incentive travel is prohibitive, it’s worth noting that the loyalty created can reduce recruitment costs dramatically as happy, rewarded staff will want to stay and grow with you rather than looking elsewhere for a better deal. Not to mention the boost to your bottom line as a direct result of your hardworking staff trying to earn themselves an incentive travel vacation.

It’s a win-win scenario. Everyone loves a holiday, so as a reward it is guaranteed to be effective and motivational, and if you’re able to vary the travel options available then there’s sure to be something that everyone will want to win.

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