Choosing the right incentive travel destination for a specific audience

Posted by Jo Kelly

Incentive travel is most effective when its designed to suit its audience. By choosing a destination that’s the right fit for a specific team, an incentive travel trip is more likely to be a success and help you achieve your key business goals.

So, what should you think about when choosing an incentive travel destination for a specific audience? From demographics to job roles and goals, this blog explains the key elements to consider.

What is your audience demographic?

When planning incentive travel for a specific audience, you should first think about who your audience actually are. To do this you should think about their demographic, from how they work to what they like. Factors to consider about your audience include:

  • Age range – Are they mainly young, like people in their mid to late 20s, or older?
  • Gender – Are the majority of people men or women?
  • Family – Are they mainly married with children or single?
  • Personality – Are they confident extroverts or more reserved?
  • Energy – Are they an adventurous bunch or more sedate?
  • Interests – Are they sport followers, history lovers, or film fanatics, what are their common interests?

Doing this can help you determine what incentive travel is best for your audience and what might have the greatest impact. For instance, if your team mainly consists of young, sport-loving and adventurous types, you could arrange an incentive travel trip to a ski resort, like Whistler, Canada. Or if they are an older, more sedate group of history lovers, a trip to a historic city like Prague in the Czech Republic might go down well.

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Sector or industry 

Thinking about the business sector or industry your team work in is also key when creating incentive travel for a specific audience. Considering their industry, whether its automotive, computer technology, or homebuilding materials, can help you decide what destinations and activities to choose.

For instance, an automotive company team could enjoy a trip to a destination associated with cars, such as Michigan – known as the car capital of the world. Or if you’re on a budget, you could choose somewhere at bit closer to home, like Mulhouse in France. There you could pay a visit to Cité de I’Automobile, which is known as one of world’s best car museums.

Roles and goals

Thinking about the job roles and goals of your audience is also important as you can create an incentive travel experience that helps them improve in these roles and achieve their goals. Your sales team, for instance, might have the role of using good communication, alongside knowledge and team work to sell products, with their key goal to hit set sales targets.

For this you could choose a destination where they can enjoy some once-in-a-lifetime-type team events, such as whitewater rafting in Montenegro. Or you could select a location where they can take part in activities that help them communicate better and build their knowledge in a fun and exciting way. This could involve an away day in a scenic national park, completing challenging outdoor team games, or a tour of the headquarters of a supplier.

You could follow this with a fun quiz to test what they’ve learnt, with a prize up for grabs, like a meal in a local restaurant.

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Past incentive travel experiences

In order to get the most from your audience, it’s also important to look at their experience of incentive travel – what destinations have they been to before and what activities have they enjoyed most? It’s wise to also consider feedback from past trips to see what has gone down well and what hasn’t. All this can help you narrow down your choice of destination.

For instance, if they have experienced several trips to coastal resorts, involving beach activities and water sports, you might want to try something different, like a big inland capital city or a winter destination. Alternatively, if certain destinations have proven a huge success, you might want to choose somewhere similar. A successful trip to a historic city like Rome, for instance, could be followed up with one to Athens. 

Providing the right incentive travel for your business 

When tying incentive travel to a specific audience, by considering different factors you can make sure a trip is well suited to them, that it caters to their needs, and they get out of it what you want.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our tailored incentive travel services, which are designed to create trips to suit you – whatever your audience. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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