Types of sports hospitality events

Posted by Jo Kelly

A fantastic option for corporate hospitality is to treat your guests to a sporting event.

Sport hospitality events can provide your staff, customers, or clients with a destination, an attraction, and surroundings that are sure to impress and can be tailored to a variety of interests. These sorts of events can be scaled to suit your budget and can be held throughout the year, as there’s often some sort of sporting action taking place each month.

We look at some of the options available for corporate hospitality sporting events.

Corporate boxes 

A corporate box is a fantastic way to watch a sporting event. A great view of the action, alongside food and drink, can make watching a live football match or an experience at the races all that bit more special for your guests.

Boxes are also often sponsored, which a company can use throughout a sports season or arena event. Getting involved with a local sports team in such a way, by sponsoring a box at their matches, is a great way to promote your business. Though this can be costly, it gives you access to a key space that you can use for your future corporate events.

Football and rugby matches are prime candidates for this sort of event. Major events like cup finals, play off matches, or international games are ideal as there is usually more ceremony and an electric atmosphere.

Corporate boxes also provide a way to escape the crowds at the races, as well as offering a great way to entertain guests or reward your staff. They also provide an opportunity for your employees to get dressed up and get a taste of living a luxurious lifestyle.

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Whatever the sport, a corporate box can provide an opportunity for your guests to watch in comfort and feel a bit more pampered. It’s also a great way to entertain a small to medium-sized group of guests.

VIP treatment and world travel 

Beyond a corporate box there is the experience of VIP treatment. This can give your guests access to areas they might not otherwise reach, and a chance to do something really memorable.

From pit lane access at formula one races to ringside seats at boxing matches, there’s a lot of VIP variety available – good for tying sport hospitality events to a wider incentive trip.

Travelling to different countries to watch motor racing, or spending a few days in Las Vegas to watch a major boxing match, for instance, could be a great way to reward staff, or offer corporate hospitality to a potential or existing client. However, it’s important to note that arranging this sort of trip and visiting this type of event, with VIP treatment, can be costly. Demand for tickets is also often very high.

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Heritage and tradition

Alternatively, you might want to treat your corporate guests to an event that’s steeped in tradition.

Events like Wimbledon are rich in history and can be a great sporting destination to offer your staff or clients as corporate hospitality. From strawberries and cream to cheering from Murray’s Mound with the crowds, this could be a fantastic day out.

If you wanted a change of pace and a day that feels incredibly high-end, you could experience the University Boat Race or a sailing event like the Henley Regatta. These events, much like horse racing, can be an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a sport with a more refined edge, complete with champagne and high-quality food.

Sports can make a great centrepiece to a corporate event. They thrive on spectacle and, in many cases, offer a number of memorable moments for your guests.

Such events can be scaled to budget, from tickets for a match to corporate boxes to VIP treatment in a foreign country. As mentioned, sports can also provide almost limitless access to great events and opportunities for corporate hospitality.

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