Corporate hospitality ideas for festivals

Posted by Jo Kelly

Rewarding your staff with trips and team building events can be a fantastic way to boost morale and improve the productivity of your staff. Festivals are a great destination for staff, providing fun and atmosphere, as well as a number of options for providing a fantastic VIP experience to really help your team feel special.

We list some of the ways you can elevate the festival experience.

VIP camping 

Simply being taken to a festival as a reward will certainly leave your staff thrilled; they’re sure to enjoy the experience however simple their accommodation will be.

However, to really take it that one step further for your team, upgrading to VIP accommodation will make them feel even more valued as employees. Going from a simple tent to a VIP mobile home or an exclusive ‘glamping’ experience can help them feel more comfortable, relaxed and pampered.

Another option could be to house staff in a nearby hotel, so they have the festival experience but with the added bonus of hot food, running water and a comfy bed.

VIP Access

You could even go one step further and arrange VIP access to the stages, being given the opportunity to see some of their favourite bands is rewarding enough, but the opportunity to be up close in the press pit, or even stage side with an opportunity to meet their favourite artists is even better.

At a festival that isn’t music related, VIP treatment could include other treats for your team. At a film festival for example providing access to a glamourous gala dinner, access to meet and greet sessions, or Q&A sessions with directors and stars can be a fantastic experience.

An arts festival or event like the Fringe in Edinburgh you could offer VIP treatment allowing staff to experience a variety of exclusive previews or early access events. Allowing them to experience the festival without all of the hustle and bustle.

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Incentivise it 

Planning corporate hospitality for any occasion is often based on the type of company you are and your own understanding of the personalities of your staff. Are you a heavily sales-driven company with a team of staff who are always looking to close just one more deal, push past targets just that little further?

You can use the promise of a festival trip or other event to drive increased performance. Consider setting a collective goal that, if reached, all staff will be rewarded for, but take it further by having individual teams compete amongst themselves for an additional reward.

Meeting the collective goal takes your whole staff on a festival weekend; being the top team gives that group VIP passes. This way, your staff are encouraged to be competitive, but everyone will still feel valued and rewarded after.

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Different types of festivals?

A music festival is only one option. You could opt to take your team to a festival based more closely on their interests. Do you work with a group of passionate film fanatics? Travelling to a film festival such as Cannes or Sundance will be well received and could be a small part of a larger incentive trip. For a group of wine lovers, giving them the opportunity to fly to the wine regions of France or Italy will give them a truly once in a lifetime experience.

No matter what their interests are, it is often the change of scenery itself that provides the biggest benefits. Taking staff away from the familiarity of office for even a small period of time while they relax in luxury is a guaranteed way to keep your staff happy and motivated.

Making sure your staff feel valued can have a hugely positive effect on performance and workplace culture. Offering corporate hospitality at an event is just one of the ways you can reward your staff.

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