Why Ambassadors are needed in the workplace

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Employee engagement within the workforce is tricky, so why not have a company ambassador to bridge the communication gap and improve the working environment?

Communication is vital for any company, be it communicating with customers, suppliers or potential new business leads. If it’s not done well, then your company will not thrive. Equally important is internal communication, ensuring that staff members are informed and feel up to date with a company’s plans and direction. Keeping staff in touch with company news and activities is a quick and easy route to making your employees feel valued and involved, so what is the best way to go about it?

Too often the gulf between boardroom and workforce can seem vast, and bridging this gap is a serious challenge for senior management.

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Stem the communication gap

Many businesses now are selecting and training ambassadors in the workplace. Appearing to be out of reach and disconnected from your staff will simply make them disengage and feel unappreciated. The use of staff ambassadors is a perfect solution.  Specially selected members of the team can be trained to fulfil these lines of communication, ensuring that company information is filtered down to the workforce on behalf of the board and also facilitating a channel through which information can be filtered back up, as and when necessary.

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The personal touch

In large companies with high numbers of employees, mass communications are often carried out by emails as a quick and easy route to reaching everyone.  However, this also makes it highly impersonal and can prevent people from feeling invested in the company.  It’s also very easy to miss an incoming email on a busy day, so this approach also means that messaging can get lost along the way.  Even in smaller companies, when all members are working at a frenetic pace, it’s surprising how easy it is for management to forget to communicate.

Promote engagement

Ambassadors can fill this gap and ensure that information is passed on, face to face, to groups of people or individuals.  Ensuring that the right message reaches the right team at the right time, and that it is done so in a personal manner, is an invaluable process.  This approach is far more amenable and much more likely to promote staff engagement.  If a person is taking time to communicate then it demonstrates that the recipients are worth the effort and are therefore valued.

Recognition and responsibility

Equally it is good for those acting as ambassadors too, as it would be considered a privilege to be selected.  All businesses have tiers of management and reporting lines, and generally staff members strive to climb this structure and achieve.  Introducing ambassador positions into this dynamic gives employees another ambition to work towards, which provides a rewarding target and a great interim measure if a promotion isn’t quite available yet.  Being chosen represents recognition of a trusted and valued member of staff and will add responsibilities in line with this acknowledgement that prove you are ready for more.

Naturally, to be selected as a company ambassador, high levels of engagement would be expected.  It would be important to fully understand company values and messaging in order to communicate them efficiently to other members of the team.  Trust would be another pre-requisite, along with loyalty, as no business will want to place staff motivation and communication in the hands of someone who doesn’t care about the business or how it is represented.  Indeed, any ambassador would be expected to behave with integrity, as it is a position that makes you a representative of the business

Encourage staff engagement

Staff ambassador initiatives are generally introduced to improve the working environment and encourage staff engagement, promoting a positive, unified workforce in the process.  Ensuring that your messages reach the whole team at the same time will have a huge impact on team spirit and solidarity, which can only strengthen a company’s position.  If your entire workforce is rooting for you then productivity and results are likely to fly.

Company ambassador schemes are highly motivational, providing positions of trust for individuals and communicating positively with the workforce as a whole.  As a route to a unified and high-performing team, it’s tough to beat.

Helping your staff become more engaged in the workplace

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