What should I consider when offering staff rewards?

Posted by Dan Kelly

Putting an incentive rewards programme in place can be a great way to help show your staff that they’re valued, as well as encourage them to feel invested in the success of your business as it develops.

So ensuring that you put effective rewards in place is important to make sure your incentive programme works well. This blog takes a look at some of the things you should consider when offering staff rewards to help ensure your incentive reward programme is successful.

What are your employees’ interests?

Providing rewards that fit with hobbies and interests helps to ensure they are well-received and appreciated.

For example, you might have a few wine enthusiasts around the office, in which case, a weekend away at a vineyard for a wine tasting trip could be a fantastic treat. Film buffs might also enjoy being treated to a luxury VIP experience at a film premiere.

The main thing to keep in mind is that whatever you offer, it should be something that your staff want. Perhaps consider asking staff about their interests and what they would most enjoy as a reward, by carrying out an office survey. Doing so will help you provide the best possible experiences to reward your team for a job well done.

However, while keeping your employee’s interests in mind is a great way to demonstrate a connection with your staff, you should also think about the scope of what you offer to them. So it’s wise to have a set budget for your staff rewards and stick to it. That way you can balance effective and relevant experiences with a reasonable cost so that you don’t spend far more than expected.

Have you set achievable goals?

When you’ve put an incentive rewards programme in place, you should think about what individuals need to do to earn the rewards on offer.

For instance, they could be rewarded for achieving a certain amount of good feedback from customers – giving them more of a reason to demonstrate exemplary customer service. Or they could receive a reward if they far exceed sales targets, compared with figures from the previous quarter.

Having a set goal in mind gives staff something to strive for, especially if their reward will be something they’d really like to do or have.

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It’s worth also mentioning that less structured reward schemes have their benefits too. They can help remind staff that they’re valued and that their day-to-day efforts don’t go unnoticed. For example, if a staff member goes above and beyond to help a customer, you could give them a reward card to spend on their local high street. It’s a small gesture, but one that’s still sure to make your employees feel good about the work they do.

When should you offer staff rewards?

You should consider planning a strategy to determine when you offer rewards and the reasons you offer them. This could run alongside additional spur-of-the-moment rewards, which you give out through the year.

You could also set timeframes for your incentives that work best for your business. This could involve having a smaller incentive at the end of a month, and then building up to a bigger reward at the end of a quarter, like for the best overall team or staff member.

Incentive schemes like this can also provide a way for you to encourage staff to pull out all the stops during a busy and stressful period, like Christmas. Offering an incentive to staff can help them feel less stressed, knowing they’re pushing towards winning a great reward experience at the end of that period. This can help ensure they give customers the best experience too.

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