Top 10 tips for successful staff recognition

Posted by David Gould

As we navigate through these strange circumstances, we find ourselves in and create a “new normal” for business, employee engagement should be made paramount priority right now.

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Keeping a disparate workforce connected, is so important. With remote working comes feelings of separation and it can easily change the business dynamic and company culture if not addressed. Now more than ever, employees need to feel a sense of belonging and a part of the organisation, contributing and showing their worth. Remote working can change the mindset of an employee. Reassurances are required that they are performing strongly and when they receive the comfort of their value, they will repeat their behaviour and actions.

Interacting regularly and being proactive are key to engaging remote and isolated workers. Communication is king, so frequent contact and collaboration can enhance culture and bring strength to employees when they need it the most.

As humans, we enjoy the engagement with our peers and the friendly tête-à-tête. Just because face-to-face interactions aren’t occurring, doesn’t mean to say that they still can’t be put in place virtually and digitally.

The power of recognition is the key to achieving all of this. Employee recognition brings many business benefits, but how can staff recognition be applied in your organisation?

10 tips for successful staff recognition:

  1. Be all inclusive – each employee needs to feel a sense of belonging to the company, regardless of their position or if they are in a different team or country. Everyone should be given the same opportunities to be recognised for their achievements.
  2. Be consistent and fair – everyone is equal. Align to your company values and award the same to anyone who qualifies.
  3. Facilitate Social Recognition – utilise non-monetary ways of recognising behaviour to spread the appreciation, like through online nomination wall posts, eCards, or shares to social media.
  4. Incentivise management to recognise their team – facilitate ways for Management to recognise teammates. Recognition from the top (line manager or CEO) goes a long way. Get management motivated to recognise team members and set the company culture for recognition.
  5. Be timely – when you see it, say it. Shout about achievements, good work, successes there and then. It’s proven that the most effective recognition is when the act has just taken place.
  6. Pass on recognition – pay it forward. Pass on praise or compliments about staff when you hear it. Make sure the person in favour, hears about their positive praise and you communicate when you hear great comments. Or pay it forward, when you receive great recognition, but you couldn’t have achieved it without the help of others, ensure they are recognised for their contributions too.
  7. Team/company events – make recognition a part of team meetings and company updates. Shout outs to team members in front of management and peers, can make people feel like a million dollars. Make sure it is part of the agenda.
  8. Investment – in a Rewards and Recognition platform. They are not expensive to implement, whilst bringing large benefits to your business. They are scalable enabling increases of users globally, bring offline processes online saving time and money, provide accurate live reporting, generate ROI and integrate with other systems to make a full ecosystem.
  9. Make it quick and simple – communicate effectively the reason for the recognition itself. The person receiving it should easily understand why they are receiving acknowledgements for their work or behaviour, which will encourage them to do more of these actions.
  10. Make it frequent – form a habit. Recognise little and often. It will help you to form a habit and you will start to increase positivity and improve company culture.

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Final piece to the puzzle

As part of any successful employee recognition programme, offering the right reward to encourage the fulfilment of the desired behaviours is important. Enticing rewards are used to keep the momentum in place and motivate employees and peers to aim high.

The best employee recognition programmes include a variety of rewards in their catalogue – ranging from merchandise, gift cards, prepaid cards, trips and experiences. But with monetary rewards being difficult to spend right now, incorporating a wider range or digital rewards is vital. In addition, adapting the rewards catalogue to include essential items like supermarket vouchers, are also welcome additions.

Next steps

You don’t have to set up an employee recognition programme alone – ask the experts! Like us! We’re here to help you every step of the way. Read the blog on our five must-haves for including in a recognition programme and six steps to implementing an employee recognition programme or alternatively, contact us to talk us through your requirements.

David joined CR Worldwide as CEO in 2014. Leading a team of performance improvement experts, building and managing engagement programs, he is responsible for developing and growing the business to support new and existing clients.