Rewarding your staff over the Christmas period

Posted by Dan Kelly

With the festive season upon us, you might be thinking about what you can do to keep your staff feeling both motivated and rewarded ready to start the new year off right. We’ve put together this blog to highlight just some of the things that you could keep in mind when planning a Christmas reward program for your staff.

Keeping in the spirit of the season

It’s Christmas, so what better way to reward your staff than with some once-in-a-lifetime rewards that they’ll never forget? Some grand gestures will surely fill your staff with gratitude and bring them back to work in the new year happier and more motivated than before.

The usual go-to box of chocolates or bottle of wine aren’t quite as popular as they once were. Think instead about what your employees will actually want from a Christmas incentive.

Ask around the office and see if you can find a shared experience that everyone is really keen to try out, but has never had the time, money, or incentive to do so before. You might end up finding that staff would love to go scuba diving, wine tasting, or skiing in the Alps. What better way to feel rewarded than finally getting to do something you’ve always wanted to do?

This isn’t to say you have to go all out, though. If you have a lot of employees, or a smaller budget, you could benefit just as much by providing smaller, personalised gifts to each staff member.

Tap into what you know about your staff’s interests and hobbies and you’ll be showing them that you care about them as individuals, and you pay attention to who they are, rather than just seeing them as employees.

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Christmas feast with all the trimmings

The social element of Christmas can’t be forgotten. Staff will get to spend time with family over the season, yes, but, with the right environment, work can start to feel like a second family too.

Encourage some staff socialisation with a slap-up festive feast at a local venue. Maybe ask everyone to wear the silliest Christmas jumper they can find, just to add a little more humour to the proceedings.

It’s not too grand a gesture, but it does give staff a chance to really bond as people and as friends, rather than co-workers.

Don’t underestimate the simpler things

Don’t think that, just because it’s Christmas, you have to go overboard when rewarding your staff. Sometimes, it’s the little things that will make staff feel just as rewarded as a grand gesture, if not more so.

Finding an applicable and relevant gift for your staff will depend on your team. Some might like a present, other teams may prefer a Christmas bonus instead of a gift in order to help with the cost of the season.

This could be vouchers or a pre-loaded cash card, which allows you to give staff the option of what they spend their bonus on.

During the build up to Christmas, many families may begin to feel the financial squeeze as they balance household responsibilities with preparing for Christmas festivities.  This is exactly why a small cash injection can be so well received – it takes some of that pressure away and allows employees to have an even better and more relaxing Christmas with their families.

It’s a simple gesture, but it certainly demonstrates some empathy over what some families may be going through at this time of year.

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